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Hi There

I have imported MAME before And when I select a game on big box it shows me all the different regions to select from unfortunately the MAME room set that I had not all the games work properly on it so what I did was bought a full main set and they all worked perfectly fine.

but when I imported it with this new set every time I click to play a game it doesn’t give me the option anymore for all the different regions

The reason for this is I need to be able to control which I have example Simpsons two player version so you can select the characters same with TMNT

it took nearly a day for it to import so I wouldn’t like to have to do it again is there a fix for this or do I have to re-import everything again and then click a different thing on the importing process or launch box

I didn’t click the option where it has them all as separate games because then the game selection screen would be massive the only other thing I can think it is if I don’t have a merged set.

Also it won’t allow me to set the buttons for coin and  start on my xbox controller.

I can go into the settings and do that I know exactly how to do it it just doesn’t detect the button presses on my controller this used to work on the old version of me and I had before if I Press the button on the keyboard it will recognise it but not on my controller which is weird.

The games are already set up and the buttons work if you play a game but then when I want to configure the coin buttons then it won’t work is there a way to make me back to default and then put my own buttons on myself even if I have to do it for every game it doesn’t matter.

The version of MAME I have is .235

Also when I did the important process and I showed launch box where the main executable file was it said in red letters that it needs a MAME program or something like that?

I’m usually quite good with stuff like this and I know what I’m doing but this is just confusing any help would be great thank you

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Hi @SLUGIE79. Hopefully I can shed some light on some of this.

If you are not seeing different versions of your MAME games, it's possible you could have imported them with that option turned off, and you may need to re-import your MAME games again.  Just note, you do not need to re-download any of your media, you just need to re-run the import wizard. Re-run the MAME Arcade Full Set wizard, uncheck all media downloads, and then make sure you are choosing the option "Import Clones as Additional Versions (Recommended)". This is the option that groups together all clones of the same game. Without the need to download media, the entire process should only take a few minutes.



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