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Hi There

I have just tried to place a satellaview  games on snes9x i have followed ETA PRIMES video and the main screen boots up and also the screen is there with a TV then you add your name in Japanese I’m assuming carry on and then you choose a man or woman and then you walk around the map and I don’t know how to start the game can I have some help please

all my roms are .sfc

Thanks in advance

Images attached






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At the first house you start in front of, push up and then A

You'll be presented with a list, choose load stored data (or the top option if you are not using the patched bios)


and then select the game to load.


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Hi lian 

thanks for that How come it keeps asking me to put my name in every time and then I have to choose a boy and a girl is it because I’m deleting the personal data by clicking bottom option in the image you attached?

also when ETA prime select the game it automatically plays without the walking around and stuff is there a way to do that without having to do the map??

also what is the name of the patched BIOS??

I have one with the name DRM patched but it’s not a bin file it’s a SFC file and it doesn’t work when I put it in the BIOS

 thanks in advance

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Once you actually start the stored game it creates an .srm and you shouldn't need to enter your name again for that game. However every rom you start fresh will ask you for your name and gender until an .srm is saved for it.. I'm not sure about the bottom option as I've never used that.

I haven't really messed with the Satellaview games much and I've always had to go to the house to start a game.

I just renamed the patched sfc bios to BS-X.bin and it worked for me.

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perfect thank you

what does the 500 G mean in the game

is it to do with in game currency to open other buildings

Sorry for all the questions I’m just unsure this is the last question I need and I think should be cool thank you

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I've never noticed the 500G but it probably is some sort of  currency. I vaguely remember reading somewhere a long time ago, about sprint shoes that could be bought from the shop but that's about the extent of my knowledge.

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Hi Guys 

i’ve changed the BSX file and some of the games work and some of the games they get stuck on the touchscreen and some of the games don’t work at all for instance excite bike mario 

says the Time and then shows you a demo after one minute and doesn’t work what’s the weather

F zero 2 works 

and f zero grand prix Is a black screen when it loads

Please help













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With Excitebike you need to wait a bit between screens, at 19:04 you get the demo that you can't skip. Then you'll get to pick your character. You then need to wait till 19:07 to play the game. You can set a fast-forward hotkey in Snes9X to help speed this up.

To get F-Zero Knight, Ace, King & Queen running you need to patch them first. You can get the patches from BSZelda.

Again with F-Zero there is a bit of a wait between screens, then a demo and then you get to play the game. Just use the fast-forward key again to skip these bits quicker.

Also grab Lunar IPS to patch the roms.

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Hi Iain

thank you i have already set the fast forward hot key and used it to get to the demo part i didn’t realise i had to keep going.

can you please send screenshots on how to do the patches because I have no idea where to get the patches or how to do them

if the patches are not something that you can put on here or tell me where to get them I totally understand I don’t wanna break forum rules

also there is a Way to change the time on the games so will this save game specific so the game boots up at the right time to play it image attached A4D00D57-D3A6-436A-AFBE-279A30B5E7AD.thumb.png.8cf75452fef6fb85810e155c6e9b5f65.png

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I'm not sure about linking patches or attaching them to posts, A bit of clarification on this would be good.

but when you have the patches, make sure they have the same filename as your roms and then place them in the patches folder in the Snes9X directory and then load the game as normal. You don't have to patch the roms themselves.

To change the time you need to use the bsnes-plus or Mesen-S emulator. Snes9X uses the current time and can't be changed.

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