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Analog to Digital and Analog Pass Through Board, Cheap alternate to the smash board.

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For all you smash players out there and people who just want to play all the games I have been working on a little project and throwing it out there to see how much interest there is.

The board basically takes an analog input and outputs both digital analog via a toggle button.  It also inverts y axis with key combo for games that require invert.  All the things brook didn't want to implement but works now with all brook boards that support thumb sticks.

I also modified a bat top with a push button to emulate LS Button, I had to drill the shaft out on the joystick to feed the wires but looking for a manufacturer to source.  Anyways early days.

But you can see in the video it outputs both analog and digital with no lag.

I also made some RBG buttons (adapter) plan that works with PAC led, also wrote an up to program them much easier than the one provided by UltiMarc.

Stay tuned for finished products and game play.  I have one member here already who is willing to test and review.






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