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LaunchBox is causing Mame to stutter, only while Geforce is set to Quality over Performance.


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Hi there!

I did post this on reddit over the weekend, and although I got a handful of upvotes, I didn't get any answers so I thought I would turn here in hope.

To cut the story of a long journey short, LaunchBox is causing Mame games to stutter on my computer with BGFX, OpenGL or D3D. Running them at around only 80% to 90%. Games run perfectly fine direct from Mame, it's only LaunchBox that causes this issue. If I set Mame to use GDI, then using LaunchBox to start them is fine, but I don't want to use GDI.

I've tried a lot of different things, from running LaunchBox from various different drives including my C SSD. Changed various settings in the Mame.ini, and I've also uninstalled the Nvidia Geforce Experience App based on some other things I read. Yet nothing seems to work.

Through a lot of playing around what I have finally found is that in the Nvidia control panel under 'Adjust Image Settings with Preview', if I select 'Use my preference emphasizing:' and drop the slider to 'Performance' over 'Quality' things run fine. But set it to Quality and the problem persists.

So my questions are; Why is LaunchBox having this issue (while loading direct from Mame has no problems), and what can I do to fix it?

I know I can manage the individual program settings of an application in the Nvidia control panel, but I'm not experienced enough to find the solution for LaunchBox here, or if in fact, if it is LaunchBox and not MAME I should be amending. There is clearly an issue caused by the graphics card and its settings, as running LaunchBox on my 2013 MacBook pro running windows 10 in BootCamp, has no problems.

Just for reference my PC is an AMD Ryzen 9, 3.70 GHz, with 32GB ram and a Geforce RTX 3060 Ti, running Windows 11.

Thanks in advanced, and I wonder if anyone else has experienced this issue or could offer help please?

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