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The NEW ULTIMA / It's for June!


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The Next Ultima: It's for June the occasion was too good to imagine a dialogue with Snake and Roy Campbell!
It's already the 4th Ultima edition but also the penultimate one since I will end this format this year with the Final Fantasy saga!




Step by step animation of a beautiful gray fox




Another Ultima finish :




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1 hour ago, Merovingio said:

Sorry, but what is this? ¿BB custom Theme?

The Ultima formats are "stand alone", that is to say completely independent bigboxes: I have hijacked the initial principle/mechanism of the big box to make Collections entirely dedicated to them and in tribute to cult saga. They are almost plug and play (remains to integrate your games / roms)! Basically it brings together everything that has been officially and unofficially released: 4K patch when it exists, trads, music making-of mods etc... Creation of a dedicated interface... In short, I put the small dishes in the big ones for gave a truly collectible look! For the gamer who is frustrated at not being able to pick up the originals, or who doesn't have the time or the means to have it all hard (And god knows the prices of retro games have gone completely crazy today! ), it is thought of as a collection, so a lot of research and design work on the visuals, the animations to come out with something close to what an editor could do! 🙂 I do everything myself to be as much as possible in the original and do something new and never seen! And especially that you will not find anywhere else! Of Course sh they are of course, completely scalable and improvable (Zelda is already at the 3rd Update!)

 a exemple with the Zelda Ultima : ( old video / old version)



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