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  1. Hello

    I am tinkering with BigBox after a one year hiatus. I had it fully configured so that I could navigate menus with both XBOX One controller and Arcade sticks.

    LB/BB then crapped itself and I had to restore from backup both BigBoxsettings.xml and Settings.xml which I did successfully.

    It is now asking for InputBindings.xml. Issue is  I cannot locate this from the backups folder. To make it worse when I launch bigbox the only controls that seem to work are the arrow keys (ie I cannot even redo the input bindings)

    Any ideas friends? :) 

    Input Bindings.png

  2. Hey


    You are quite right, I had the wrong emulator path, this is because I also tried Teknoparrot before I posted the last message. I want to use TypeXtra as I know it works outside of launchbox. I am sure its just a simple command line prompt that is holding me back :(


  3. Guys

    As the heading would suggest I have a few working TAITO Type X games. They work great when launched from the TypeXtra emulator but I cannot get them to launch in Launchbox.

    Any ideas on what my config should be?2.thumb.png.80ec64aa62d373ee77e5dbdc1b543edf.png1.thumb.png.91bd25c75a3da45c0d313cb7135fbe82.png

  4. Guys,

    Here is a link to a video of my current build. Wouldn't have got it this far without the assistance of all the people on here, that are way more clued up than me. Many hours put into this, and many more to go to 'finish' it off.



    Any feedback would be appreciated :)


    Oh, and Yes, I will renew my LB licence :)

  5. Guys

    When I press exit on CEMU (launched through Launchbox). The program does not close completely. It just windows the emulation.

    What command line do I use, such that when I press Escape the emulator will close entirely?

    Thanks :)

  6. Hi Guys

    I am in the middle of configuring by arcade controls to navigate Big Box. (using IPAC4) 

    I have done something to the select button and now none of my buttons will select (or keyboard keys) only exit/return.


    IS there a way to reset the keyboard controls to default?

  7. Hi Guys

    I have the Unified theme and it is running nicely. On a number of platforms (about 40%) however when I select the platform wheel and enter the games wheel none of the logos are appearing for the games. Ebvn though I have a full set of .png files in the Launcbox images folder for that console.

    I have tried refreshing teh image cache..any ideas?

    Example below




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