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  1. Like many people here I am a RetroArch whore :)

    That means I use Overlays to add borders to some things...To fair I dont actually use many overlays but then again my setup has never been polished and tends to be a testing ground more than an actual game machine. Cant help but tinker....


    Anyway I totally love bezel artwork and enjoy collecting bezels for all systems (not so much Arcade)


    I would love to put a big global pack together in Metalzoic's Mega Bezel Pack style (if your familiar) for everything except Arcade.....PM me if your interested.

    I guess the size of a pack like that will probably need a home on a decent server. I expect EmuMovies is the obvious place if they will have it.


    So here are my ongoing projects....

    Adding Overlays to the Libretro Repo's...They are free to download from the below links. Just click "clone" and "download as zip"

    Console Type Mainly or Collections like @Nyny77 and @nosh at the moment.

    Arcade Type (RetroArch is well suited to Arcade use MAME or RocketLauncher)


    I also just started helping out @JamesBaker with his Bezel efforts

    All that info will be here eventually

    or his YouTube


    @MetalVinnie are you cool for me to share your New Black Box NES bezels in the above places? (When time permits)

    If you missed those they are here




  2. Well its been a long time since I posted anything here so incoming update.  I have been doing ok but I had to resign from my job in April.  The hours were overwhelming me, medically I was becoming drained and my physician asked me what was most important to me getting better or killing myself with misery.  I am currently working from home with medical billing, it pays the rent and what not but it is not at all my dream job.  I have never had to struggle for money. My medication is painful with cost but I'm getting by and I am still making time to play rpgs and some online games when I feel up to it.  I am exhausted and just kind of existing at this point.  I miss my coworkers and my life outside my house.  Not sure how people can just exist in their home every day and not get out and enjoy the beauty of the world.  My heart hurts because I miss the companionship and just the company of the guy I fell in love with so long ago.  Sometimes we just make others unhappy in our sadness.  My son comes to visit at least once a month. My mom takes me out as much as she can and we go to the movies or just go get pedicures.  It's funny how something as small as getting your toes done can be such a big adventure and make your day full of joy.  I will survive this, I will get better and I will not let my family or anyone I love down again.  

    I love imagining myself as a hunter, sorceress or just someone battling a monster or the evil in a fairytale world, thank God for video games.  Without games I would not make it through sometimes, and for anyone who says games are bad for kids, well they can screw right off.  Glad this community exists because I get good laughs day to day and still get to have some human interaction even if it is through a computer monitor.  I love you guys, some more than others, *hint *hint, you know who you are.  I wanted to say thank you to Jason and everyone here for just keeping it kind and friendly.  There is a enough evil and ugly in the world, no one needs to come to a forum where everyone has an incredible hobby and a love for something and be knocked down, made fun of, or just treated like shit. Thanks guys :x


    Oh and this is my anthem, sorry just have to add it!



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  3. 24xhr1k.jpg

    With its thin, all black design, the standard Nintendo Switch dock gives the console a modern, sleek look when you want to play on your television. However, for one fan, they were looking for something a bit different.

    Reddit user tettzan777 took a broken Nintendo 64 unit and modded it to be a Nintendo Switch dock. The user says their only concern is that they cannot attach the Joy-Cons to the Switch for charging purposes while the system is docked.

    In addition to making the cartridge slot the dock for the console, the modder also swapped out the controller ports for USB ports. The Reddit user also says that there is plenty of space between the slot and the edges, meaning that they can easily avoid the scratching problems that have come out of using the regular dock for some users. This also allows for better airflow than the original dock, according to tettzan777.


    Credit: @Twitter and Game Informer






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