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  • LaunchBox Shell for DOSBox By Jason Carr

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    LaunchBox Shell for DOSBox is a single EXE file that you can copy next to an MS-DOS game to automatically and easily be able to play and install it. The focus here is on ease of use, portability, and easy distribution. Why was this built? I built this because I wanted to upload some old abandonware MS-DOS games to archive.org, and I realized that most users would have difficulty playing them without some help. I built LaunchBox Shell for DOSBox to be able to be easily distributed with
  • Steamy By C-Beats

    This theme requires LaunchBox 12.10 or newer This theme is more to show off what is possible with LaunchBox theming and see where we can break the mold. I asked the question, "Could you recreate the Steam interface inside of LaunchBox?" This theme is my answer. Changes from Default: EVERYTHING... (no really...) The images do a pretty good job at showing off the new features this theme provides, the basic run down is as follows: The theme basically has two completely diff
  • Archive.org Collection Sync By Jason Carr

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    Easily download/sync any collection from archive.org to your local computer. Automatically scans for any existing files and checks MD5 checksums to make sure that all downloads are correct. To download, simply paste the archive.org URL into the top field, put the destination folder into the second, and click Start. To pause/abort a running download, simply close the window. To resume that download later, re-open the app, choose the same URL and folder, and then click Start. Existing fi
  • Big Details By faeran

    This theme requires at least LaunchBox 12.8 to function. Big Details is a new theme that reimagines what the LaunchBox interface can be. Every piece of the interface has been tweaked and adjusted to provide a smooth and modern experience with subtle animations across the theme. The main highlight is the transition to a banner-type horizontal Game Details view. There's a lot to unbundle in this one, and any potential theme developers are welcome to take a peak into the code to get inspi
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