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  • LaunchBox Shell for DOSBox By Jason Carr

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    LaunchBox Shell for DOSBox is a single EXE file that you can copy next to an MS-DOS game to automatically and easily be able to play and install it. The focus here is on ease of use, portability, and easy distribution. Why was this built? I built this because I wanted to upload some old abandonware MS-DOS games to archive.org, and I realized that most users would have difficulty playing them without some help. I built LaunchBox Shell for DOSBox to be able to be easily distributed with
  • LaunchBox for MS-DOS Special Edition By Jason Carr

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    Native Launcher for MS-DOS LaunchBox for MS-DOS 2.0 is here! If you run MS-DOS (or the DOS console in Windows 95/98), this should be very much enjoyed. It allows you to easily sort through and manage your games/apps within DOS, without taking any extra memory from your apps or introducing any compatibility issues at all. This is done via a simple batch file that starts up and shuts down the launcher as needed. LaunchBox for MS-DOS also works very well with DOSBox if you'd like to use a
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