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  1. nice. definitely getting that. i appreciate it man
  2. wow, great info! im writing that down so not to forget. So, if i made a 2 player bartop build next, I could technically just get 2 ultimarc joysticks and woudlnt need a usb encoder for my build at all (unless i wanted more than 16 buttons - which i dont). that changes a few things
  3. Thanks I appreciate it. I really love it - mistakes and all. lol. and I really love big box themes . makes a world of difference!
  4. thanks tatts4life. I cant even get it out of my basement. it's here permanently. lol its too big.
  5. (replying to DANES Post) lol that is true though Thanks for the comment though. btw i finally got my marquee printed up, but i dont have it back lit yet because i bought white leds from china and its been 20 days and still haven't arrived. but i couldn't beat $4 or whatever it costed. P.S. i called it "big blue" because its a fuckin big blue box. lol. it will look ok with the marquee lit up.
  6. thanks for the details. I think im going to get one on my next order from him. nice looking controller. what did you use inside for the buttons? a usb encoder or ipac? I used an ipac4 for my full size arcade build, but im working on a bartop one and ordered some cheap usb encoders from aliexpress. hoping they work good - little nervous being that they were so inexpensive (but it is china). but i think i got spoiled with the ipac 4 and the shift function.
  7. i'll check and see. i saw a youtube video for space attack for mame. but it doesnt look like its the handheld. but i'll check through mame tomorrow and see if i can find it.
  8. That's a cool feature. Since they can always move in all directions with no resistance, does it feel real loose or anything? not sure im explaining correctly. But I have an old usb controller for the pc. and i tried using it just for fun and i actually didnt like it at all. no resistance so it just felt flimsy. but maybe because it was old.
  9. hey thanks for replying. I actually ended up going with the sanswa jlw joysticks. I like them. Its real easy to change from 8 to 4 player. Aftre using them i understand completely why you would use 4 way instead of 8 way on certain games. in 8 way, you get stuck going up ladders etc (donkey kong, etc). they are pretty clicky though but i still like them :)
  10. thanks, yeah i probably somehow did something with retroarch. i did paste the blue machines and database folders into retroarch again (even though i had them alreayd) and i did check that the bios was there. i messed aroudn with retroarch so much i migt have messed soething up with the blue msx.
  11. I had two folders... one was the mame roms, and the other was the mame SL roms. i put all the bios in the main mame rom folder. i was going to put them all in one folder but initially i had read somewhere where the person said not to mix them. but i dont think it woudl matter if i had mixed them. but too late now, im too nervous to start messing with them.,lol
  12. yeah i just copied my rompath from 204 ini to 197 ini. (because i have two rom folders and didn't feel like writing it all out again. lol). and i didnt even move the roms.. in LB, i just right clicked and said "launch in mame197". and it worked. oh well,. yeah after setting all of this up, im not ever upgrading either until.... mame finishes emulating "the grid"... then i have to upgrade because me and my son used to play that in the arcade so i just "NEED" it. LOL
  13. thanks everyone. Hey LordMonkus, I installed a second mame (197 like you mentioned) and now the .col roms work when I launch them from LB using the mame 197. So thank you very much for that. I am curious why it works in 197 and 205 (as spycat says) but not in 204. that was weird. i figured it could be user error except I have both versions of mame set to use coleco -cart (in Launchbox), and I even copied and pasted the rompath to the new mame197 ini file (from the mame204 ini file). well that was odd, but either way, thanks for helping me out with this you guys.
  14. thanks man. yes i have that box selected. but i do have 1.4.. i will download 1.5 and see if its working for me better, thanks!
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