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  1. MK11 Video Theme Trailers

    Hello everyone,
    I've uploaded NEW versions of my previous MK11 Game Theme.
    I've created Two Different versions of the original MK11 game theme, one slightly different from the other, three in total. The first Theme is the original version with two different resolution options. The second theme has new animated decals and a cinematic ending at the end with also two different resolutions options. The final video is the same as the second video with a different ending, and it also has two different resolution options as well...
    The videos run a bit long, so if you guys like, feel free to edit the videos to your liking.
    These videos features character select screen, two trailers, friendships videos, and cinematic ending (spoilers). 
    Resolution: 1920x1080 and 720x406. Original video is at 960x498.
    Ending one is Liu Kang's ending, and ending two is Shang Tsung's ending.
    Hope you guys like them and make sure to watch them all the way to the end.
    Cheers and Game ON!!!


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