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  1. 16 hours ago, Zombeaver said:

    That's correct. There's no equivalent of content directory overrides for core option files. They can only be saved per-game.

    Your only options to do this are what Headrush stated - either per game (.opt files) or by directing the platforms to a custom retroarch.cfg that has a specified (alternate) location for retroarch-core-options.cfg. That can be accomplished through Launchbox, using command line parameters. You'd make a copy of retroarch.cfg, name it something like master-system.cfg, add a custom command line parameter in LB for Master System of -c "master-system.cfg". Then make a copy of retroarch-core-options.cfg, copy it into a subfolder in Retroarch named something like master-system-core-options, and then specify that path in master-system.cfg in the core_options_path = "" (you'd put it between the quotation marks) line. Repeat for the others.

    Why is it that you're needing to do this to begin with? I can't think of many good reasons to need to change core options on the basis of platform. Most of the time when one core supports multiple platforms they'll have various core options that are specific to those platforms where they would make sense. Overrides and shader presets per platform are a common need, and easy to accomplish with content directory overrides/shader presets, but I'm not sure why you'd need to change anything in the core options per platform. What exactly is it you're wanting to do?

    I wanted to enable RGB settings for Genesis and LCD ghosting for Game Gear. I solved the problem by pointing to a custom retroarch-core-options.cfg file in each Sega systems .cfg.

  2. 4 minutes ago, Headrush69 said:

    The options aren't stored in the cfg files. 

    You can either save per game option files, or load each core using a custom cfg which sets a unique path to your retroarch-core-options.cfg file. (configured per system)

    Would be a bit much to save 200+ per game options files for each system. Custom cfg configured per system with a unique path seems to be what i was looking for. thanks.

  3. 21 minutes ago, Lordmonkus said:

    Save Content Directory Overridescreenshot_31.thumb.jpg.a526e85dbd07e2d22536e7ed8f9c1b4e.jpg

    Thanks for the reply. I've done that with Genesis Plus GX which creates the system config files in the config folder. genesis,cfg, megadrive.cfg etc, but those config files don't have any of the core options that i wanted to save to them. They only contain shader, overlay, video settings.

    If i manually copy, paste and adjust the core options i want from the retroarch-core-options.cfg  to each of the content directory override files, nothing changes for those specific systems. Seems to always want to read from the retroarch-core-options.cfg file.

  4. Is it possible to save specific core option configurations for a specific system rather than globally for all systems associated with that emulator.

    How do i get RetroArch to save different core options config files for Genesis Plus GX. I would like to use different core config options for Master System, Genesis and Game Gear.

    Saving per core/content directory options in RetroArch doesn't seem to work for this. It creates different .cfg files in the config folder, genesis.cfg for example, but doesn't have any core settings, and placing core settings manually in the .cfg doesn't seem to do anything either.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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