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  1. Bioshock - BigBox Custom Theme

    So I just built a custom Bioshock-themed arcade cabinet and wanted to deck it out with a custom BigBox theme for game browsing. There wasn't one on here so I ended up making one myself thanks to the awesome Community tool. Just wanted to share this for anyone else interested!
    Imported fonts from Bioshock Comes with the in-game piano rolls for Select and Back sounds Highlighting around selected option on systems/text view BigBox main menu also has custom selector seen from the main menu on Bioshock I won't be updating this or anything, just feel free to use however!  
    Installation Instruction:
    Download "Bioshock - BigBox Theme" zip file Extract the zip into your Launchbox themes folder i.e. ".../Launchbox/Themes" where the folder "Bioshock" is directly a child of the "Themes" folder Install fonts inside the "fonts" folder Download "Bioshock - Sounds" zip file Extract the zip into your "Launchbox/Sounds" folder After launching BigBox, Go to Main Menu, Manage Themes, and "Bioshock" as Apply Main Theme Go to Options > Sounds > Soundpack  and select "Bioshock" Also here's some pics of the arcade cabinet for fun


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