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  1. NEC PC Engine Super Grafx Banners

    I'm doing my first LaunchBox set up, and I couldn't find any banner pics for the SuperGrafx that fit the default theme. In a previous life I was a desktop publisher and had to wake up some old skills to make this happen. Thought maybe someone else would appreciate them, so I posted them here.
    Two of these images are inspired by the art of the box in which the SUperGrafx was sold. The third is a minimalistic inspired approach to a banner pic using a hgreat close up photo I found while trying to find console pics for the first two.
    The last pic in this collection is the nicest picture of the box art that I could find. Most of the pics I found were no where near suitable for  a banner pic, but this one was really damn close. I neither possess the the skills, nor the Google time to fix the curve in the picture, but maybe someone else can clean it up?
    I'm new to LaunchBox so if I've done anything please just let me know, and I'll do my best to get it fixed.
    Thanks to everyone here for all your contributions. A lit of you have helped me fill other holes in my collection.


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