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  1. Spectrum

    Spectrum is a complete rebuild of my theme Blade Runner. It focuses heavily on full screen 16x9 video backgrounds, animation, fading with 4 platform views, 5 game views and 5 color variants Blue, Green, Orange, Purple and Red.
    Platform 1 uses a color shifting background that fades elements on the UI and goes completely UI free aside from the BigBox Logo after 40 seconds of idle. Switching to another platform brings the UI back. Platform 2 uses the same elements but focuses on using Platform videos such as vikings color themes. Both of these can be changed in the video folder under background.mp4 and platforms folder. Platform 2 and 4 mirror their 1 and 3 views but do not fade any UI elements for those who want to always see the platform images.
    Games 1 view uses full screen video or stretched if 4:3 to output 16:9 and overlayed scanlines with animation and UI fading with slightly different timings than the platform views. Games 2 view uses the  same techniques as view 1 but keeps the original aspect ratio of the gameplay videos. Games 3 and 4 are mirrored views of 1 and 2 with no scanline overlay. The text view offers no fading and outputs video as stretched with scanlines.
    An optional folder is included to change the images of the button layouts from an XBOX controller to a PS4. These are located inside the Optional Button Layouts folder. Pick your option and inside is an Images folder, drag and drop these in the root of the theme(s).


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  2. CityHunter

    If you are a fan of the 80's, lasers, neon, fast cars and cyber punk then this is the theme for you!  All you Cyber Punks Stay Rad.
    Extract CityHunter 2 to "LaunchBox\Themes"
    Choose CityHunter 2 in Options > Views > Theme
    Set Video Playback Engine to VLC or WMP in Options > Videos
    Theme Files:
    CityHunter 2 (theme) Video Files:
    Akira - Neo Tokyo Blame! CityHunter CityHunter 2 Cyber Punk 2077 Eva - 01 Flash Back 2012 - Scanlines Flash Back 2012 The Grid VHS Grid Clear Logo Wheel Set and Banners
    Banners Clear Logos  


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  3. minimal

    I wanted a simple and clean look to the startup theme, more of a splash screen rather than a loading screen. Included are all the files to make your own logos for platforms. I have commented out the now loading text seen in the screen shots but this can easily be edited back in with notepad++, look for the <!-- --> lines inside of the name.xaml files. Feel free to modify how you wish. Comes with Red, Purple and Black logo options.


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  4. Blade Runner

    Blade Runner
    Blade Runner is an edit/redo of the Modern Mini theme by @vsilvalopes which was based off of @Grila ClassicMini theme. I'm the theme playing a theme disguised as another theme.
    Theme Files
    Blade Runner - PS4 Blade Runner - XBOX Options included
    Full set of custom Platform Logos, you may need to match the names to your Platforms. Do this by going into Blade Runner/Images/Platforms/Clear Logo Included my custom Arcade Banner Clear Logo, its an edit/re color of the original @ReignStumble Arcade Logo Optional WheelGamesView called WheelGamesView - No Fade, renaming and replacing the xml will turn off the Fade for the first wheel video background view. Do this by going into Blade Runner/Views/ Optional Extra Background image for the Options and System views named czchmini - optional located in Blade Runner/Images/Theme. You can replace the background here as you wish In PlatformWheel1FiltersView, PlatformWheel2FiltersView, WheelGamesView, Wheel2GamesView, and WheelGamesView - No Fade all located in Blade Runner/Views, has a section in the xml called <!-- STATIC CUSTOM HEADER TEXT -->. Look in this area for text="", in this area you can customize your theme to display whatever you like here. Use Notepad++ to open the xml file, enter whatever you like and save. User created files that work well with this theme
    @ReignStumble's Console Artwork Pack. Get them here @Zombeaver's excellent Platform Clear Logos. Get them here @Zombeaver's awesome, seriously!, Platform Banners. Get them here My other background videos for CityHunter 2 here Thanks to
    @CriticalCid for all your input, guidance and always ready to help @eatkinola for creating an awesome backend and always taking my personal request @Grila for making the original ClassicMini that inspired @vsilvalopes to make the Modern Mini that inspired me to make Blade Runner @Zombeaver for helping me very early on with the basics of photoshop @Jason Carr for giving  a canvas for the community to paint on.


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  5. BigBox: Super Metroid

    Edit of a one of my older intros originally for Hyperspin. Fulfilling a request.


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