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  1. 13 minutes ago, spacorn said:

    By the way, tsoukkis, is there a way to increase the maximum range?

    As it is, the "middle" is set on 0.5/0.5/0.5/0.5, left and top decreases, right and bottom increases. My dolphinbar is on the bottom of the screen, When I set the top margin, I go as low as 0.05, or even 0.00, but still I'm an inch from reaching the very top of the screen. I tried to use negatives (-0.10), but the range got even shorter (maybe it dismissed the negative symbol and read it as a positive...)

    Actually I'm not even sure it's a Touchmote issue, maybe I reached the limit of the sensor's reach or whatever... But if it sounds like it could be a Touchmote issue, do you think that, maybe, setting the center at something other than 0.5 (for example 1.0, so I have a longer range before I reach 0.0) would let me set the margins farther?

    I am definitely sure it is not a Touchmote issue but a sensor issue. And particularly the sensor of the Wiimote, since this is the the receiver one.

    Possible solutions:

    - Step away from the screen

    - Put the sensor above the screen might help. Helped in my case because I usually stand while playing, so the angle to the sensor is smaller.

    Always re-arrange values of course.

  2. 8 hours ago, spacorn said:

    I'm not sure about why tsoukkis decided to go this route instead of simply sharing his built binaries... Are we free to share our built files now? 9_9

    Well, normally the built files should work fine. However I remember building on Windows 10, and then trying it on another Windows 10 machine and did not work! :S

    I have development experience, but not with MS VS.

    So, instead going the route of why, what, troubleshoot, etc, it was easier to share the build procedure.

    I believe it is ok to share the built files - let's hope they will work as expected!

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  3. 21 minutes ago, ThePolish said:

    I just picked up 2 nyko perfect shots at game stop for 5 a piece, spray painted them black and they've worked great since.

    5 a piece?! Where is this stop?!

    I have two completely junk "guns" from eBay...

    These are not very nice. I had to mod them a bit, for the trigger button to get pressed all the way, but for sure, not something as nyko perfect shot!

    But for sure, better than creating a mod from custom materials! :)

    28 minutes ago, Tomkun said:

    Although, I am having trouble with the nunchuck joystick. Nothing seems to register, but the c and Z buttons are working fine. Anyone else having that issue?

    Hm, nunchuck is another story. I don't know how easy it is, but since C and Z are working fine, I can live with it!!!

  4. Hm, I have not noticed any lag on XInput mode - but this is probably because of me, not because it is not there. (I was quite happy with the line up working properly, and didn't pay attention to the lag).

    3 hours ago, ThePolish said:

    I'm beyond excited to see this thread picked back up a little bit. I haven't been around in a bit - but following on youtube with Wood's videos.

    Which Wood's videos are you talking about? Provide a link...

  5. 3 hours ago, Tomkun said:

    Also, if you play a 4:3 shooting game on a 16:9 screen you'll lose accuracy towards the edges of the x-axis.

    I can quickly think two solutions for the 4:3 lost accuracy in the x-axis.

    I believe you have two black columns on either side of the 4:3 screen.

    1. Either force the 4:3 to go full screen - it will lose the aspect ratio but the aim will be good.

    2. Narrow the values of the X axis in the settings.json file, to pretend that your monitor is not that wide. Lower the value for right limit, increase the value for left limit. Do some trial and error.

    I am using the 1st option - I have not tested the 2nd one but I believe it can work fine! :)


    Another drawback with Touchmote, is that there is no calibration wizard.

    The wizard will be simple and it is there in some Wii games (hit on top left, hit on top right).

    But it needs some time and effort to develop that :S - for now I stick with editing the values in settings.json.

  6. Hi there!

    Big thanks to ThePolish, which gave me the motive that light guns are doable with wiimotes.

    Below you will see how you will get your wiimote light guns perfectly lined up.

    1. Follow exactly what ThePolish suggests in his opening post (exactly - do all the installation, they are needed)
    2. After that, download
      - Visual Studio 2013 Express for Desktop and install it
      - My modified Touchmote source code from here https://github.com/tsoukkis/Touchmote/tree/tsoukkis-mss (MSS branch)
    3. Open the Touchmote.sln in the MSS source code folder with VS2013
    4. Build -> Build Solution (I built for x64 architecture in Windows 10)
    5. In the MSS source code folder now, you will find bin/x64/Debug folder. Run the Touchmote from there and close it.
    6. Go now to the settings.json file of the MSS source folder and edit the values pointer_limit_xxx, stickl_limit_xxx and stickr_limit_xxx
    7. These values are specific to all the below factors
     - Size of TV
     - Distance from the TV
     - Dolphinbar position
     - Wiimote used
     Every wiimote will need slightly different values even if the TV setup is the same - keep a record of the right values for every wiimote!
     When the wiimote points the sensorbar, the value is 0.5. Aiming left or above the sensorbar decreases the value, right or down increases the value.
     For example, I have a 40" TV, the sensor bar is on top and I am standing around 1.7 m from the TV.
     Left and Right limits are 0.30 and 0.80 respectively, and Top and Bottom limits are 0.586 and 0.966 respectively.
     Use the above values as a starting point. If not lined up, close the modified Touchmote app, adjust the values and open it again.
     Do your testing in mouse mode first, to see the results really quick on the mouse.
    8. After you get the values for every wiimote, assign them to pointer_limit_xxx for the wiimote that you will put in mouse mode, and stick?_limit_xxx (l or r) for the wiimote in stick mode.
    9. In Mame generic settings, set the joystick saturation to 1.00 and deadzone to 0.0. Also, unlock the aspect ratio and spread it to fullscreen or else the lineup won't work near the edges.

    I didn't have the experience and I don't know how much better the actual light guns are, but wiimotes work super!

    Happy Shooting!

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