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  1. LB Galaxy

    Hi everyone! I'm excited to submit my first theme for LaunchBox.
    Theme Features
    This theme is an intent to mimic GOG Galaxy design. So I worked in an overhaul of almost every aspect of LB design, to adapt (as far as possible) to that look. Everything from SideBar, to Boxes and List Views, Game Details and menus were modified to mimic that aspect. 
    New icons for Menu, Search, and Platforms. New visual style for count item. SideBar is now fixed to the left.
    Main Window
    Box covers are now "UniformToFIll" by default (but I included an optional file in the "Optionals" folder inside the theme to display them as normal (not stretch or cut)). Sub line is always displayed below the title, no matter what amount of lines does the title have. New icons in the main top part of the screen for Play/Edit Game, add new game, visuals, etc. New visuals on mouse over and selected boxes. Badges are displayed inside the image, I recommend using the "Simple White Badges" from JesseBlue (link). No more status bar at the bottom.
    Game Details
    Now GameDetails can be expanded to fill all the window. Fanart is now taking all the vertical space. Top section is now displaying the rating and the Source. There are two columns to show Game Details: The Left column will show the achievements The right column will show all information about the game
    Other Features
    ViewList: There are now more space between lines. ViewList: There are no separators between columns There are some other minor tweaks to mimic GOG Galaxy Design, such as the arrows in the main window (just visual).
    Unzip into LaunchBox\LBThemes directory In LaunchBox go to Options > Visuals > Theme and select LB Galaxy 1.0 Required: Windows 7/8 user: Microsoft's “Segoe MDL2 Assets” font ( SegMDL2.ttf ) is required for the buttons and icons to rendered properly. (If you have it it will work but it’s not included here because of licensing reasons.) Optional: Lato Font is recommended for the theme to be displayed correctly. It is a free web font from Google and it is included in the theme "Optionals" folder. I included a modified version of the BoxesContentView to do not show the boxes as UniformToFill, just replace the file in "Views" folder of the theme. Settings guide
    VISUALS > BACKGROUNDS Background Blur Amount = 36 Background Fade Amount = 121 VISUALS > BACKGROUNDS > DEFAULT I recommend using the Custom Image = LBThemes\LB Galaxy 1.0\Images\background-01.png VISUALS > BOXES Background Opacity = 127 Uncheck "Colorize Background to Match Images" Text Outline Opacity = 128 Text Outline Thickness = 2 Uncheck "Align Text Vertically" Uncheck "Center Text Horizontally" Check "Show Subline" Check "Dynamic Box Sizing" VISUALS > BOXES > SPACING Aspect Ratio = 0.63 Horizontal Spacing = 17 Vertical Spacing = 18 Horizontal Padding = 0 Vertical Padding = 0 Text Spacing = 5 Text Lines to Show = 3 VISUAL > FILTERS SIDE BAR I recommend checking "Show All Item", "Show Counts" and "Align Counts to the Right" VISUAL > GAME DETAILS You can check anything you want, but I recommend checking "Show Fanart" to see the background and "Achievements" to fill the left column, all the other items will be displayed in the top or right column. VISUALS > THEME > COLORS I don't think this could have impact in the theme, but here is how I have it configured: Light Background = 45,45,48 Dark Background = 27,27,28 Selected Item Background = Black (0,0,0) Highlighted Item Background = Black (0,0,0) Highlighted Item Border = Black (0,0,0) Window Border = 100,100,100 Menu Border = 71,71,77 Foreground (text) = White (255,255,255) VISUALS > THEME > FEATURES Uncheck everything VISUALS > THEME > FONTS Don't have an impact in the theme. I included the "Lato" font in the Optionals folder inside the theme. If you don't want to use that font, the theme will use the system font instead. Note: I didn't test the theme with retro stuff, I don't have any retro games, so I please comment if you find issues showing MAME achievements or any retro related stuff. Also, not sure if it is just me, but videos doesn't seem to work in the game details, however I was able to see them by double-clicking the video container. If someone knows how to reproduce the videos in the same window I will be glad to know so I can fix it. Also music feature is not available by default, since it is taking a huge part of the top bar. It can be enabled by tweaking the ControlsView xaml file. I will work on a solution for v1.1 
    Thanks to Shadowfire for allowing me to use his Lambda Beta theme code. Also to Grila, since Lambda is a fork of LBPlex theme.
    LB Galaxy theme CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 Raviol 2021


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