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  1. Sony PSP 2D Box Pack (2 Versions)

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    This is a Sony PSP Front Box collection of 727 games.

    Some titles have multiple versions of boxes. I used various parts of existing templates to give these boxes a uniformity and the cleanest look possible. Some box
     fronts had to be completely redone and improvised since they are non-existent as of this date.

    Two versions. Clean and Glare.


    Enjoy. -X


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  2. 11 hours ago, Klopjero said:

    Nice one, I think i scared of @Xzile

    @Klopjero I haven't been able to get around to gathering resources/pictures/etc. just yet. On the weekend I may find more time, work has been extra busy.

    Also, I'm not entirely familiar with some of those systems so I want to be accurate and use timeline appropriate backgrounds. 

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  3. Sony PSP UMD Cart artwork

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    This pack contains the missing Sony PSP UMD cart artwork from the database. This will be subsequently uploaded to the LBDB as well. If there are any that are missing, feel free to let me know.

    Both individual and ZIP pack format available. Drag and drop in PSP Front cart directory.


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  4. I too experienced this stutter for a long time, and now on the latest version of Bigbox. I've two systems and they both experience the same issue. One is a i7 4770 / 2080 RTX / 16 GB, other is my dedicated BigBox which is an i7 8700k / 770 gtx / 16 GB. Both have SSDs.

    It happens on any theme used, including the default theme.

  5. I've been seeing the same thing, I've been also rejecting these changes. The finest example of this was the arcade game "Ace". The only purpose of the game is to kill the other player (no objectives, no other targets). Unfortunately it still passed and this info is inaccurate. 

    The way you put it Thanatos, sounded more articulate and helpful, than you actually venting :P



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  6. I create box art all the time for my own personal projects. As far as moderation goes, what would you like done when a Mock-Up is made for games that won't ever officially have carts/nice looking carts, and boxes? For instance the Satellaview has no official boxes, and the slotted cartridge is quite ugly and boring if viewing in LB/BB. The carts/boxes below were made to resemble an original Super Famicom cartridge, and boxes are based on work already in the database.  Here's an example of my submissions, should I submit/accept similar images using such logic? Should they be submitted under a different category?


    XZS.thumb.png.9c76a610428ff264ef6ddeeffefa3841.png624598470_RadicalDreamers_NusumenaiHseki-01.thumb.png.8b40db7e74c749c7a9f4faed1500c991.png1193771346_RadicalDreamers.thumb.png.3c72c6575cb274cee50f9d3f42af7fc8.png1729274508_BS-XTheStoryofTheTownWhoseNameWasStolen.thumb.png.814394efd482418d2522a50f6ef85618.pngCredit to mikty for original template design.

  7. Some of these aren't official releases so they may not have an actual cart, but rather a mock-up.


    Miracle Piano Teaching System (3d Cart)

    PGA Tour '96 (3d Cart)  - The one on emumovies is erroneus. (PGA Tour Golf)

    RHI Roller Hockey '95 (3d Cart) 

    Spellcraft: Aspect of Valor (3d Cart)

    Star Fox 2 (3d Cart) - Mock-up cart

    Street Fighter II - World Warrior (3d Cart) - This one should be easier to find, but emumovies has Street Fighter II - Turbo as it's 3d Cart, and so do most of the Packs.

    Shadow of the Beast (3d Cart) - Amiga game. Another mock-up for Snes, never got released.


    Greatly appreciated dragon, thanks.




  8. 6 hours ago, dragon57 said:

    I actually only have a small SNES 3D cart collection, only around 200. Sort of like a 'best of' collection. When I need a 3D cart image I just go to the Hyperspin ftp and download them. The ftp collection is around 787 images for 3D SNES carts.

    Fair enough,

    I've actually downloaded many 3d packs from both hyperspin and emu movies ftp and there still seem to be a few missing, here and there, whether its prototypes or mislabels.

    I'm gonna have to see if anyone has the original template and fill the gaps, then and upload it into LB DB. Thanks anyway

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  9. Hey @dragon57,

         I'm having a rough time trying to complete my SNES 3d carts. I noticed you had a pretty extensive collection there, being you have some of the SFC as SNES carts. Would you happen to still have the template, friend? If not, or if it's easier for ya, would you mind zipping up your snes 3d carts folder?

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