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  1. Anyone knows how can i insert the second disk on Steem SSE Atari ST emulator? I'm new to the platform so i don't know how people do this on the real machine, what could help me to know how things work... I have a Memory Snapshot before entering the disk exchange screen of the game Deliverance and i tried some things, but i'm still stuck...
    5ab31264a3a20_SteemSSE(1).thumb.png.45a85f54f39db44d5ef994ecda891f30.pngdisk exchange screen
    - Tried to activate the Automatically Insert Second Disk option, but nothing happens;
    fail I & II
    - Tried the above again with extracted files to see if it would make any difference, but nothing happens;
    - Tried to put the file over the first disk of the game, but nothing happens;
    5ab3ee4d808d0_SteemSSE(3).thumb.png.1431ab47ebe1c113dd658b7baa8adadc.pngfail III
    - Tried to put the disk in slot B together with the first disk on slot A, but nothing happens;
    5ab3ee4f1eca3_SteemSSE(4).thumb.png.93d9e8db96183423159c5a4ded441778.pngfail IV
    - Tried to click two times in the disk 2 archive, and i ended up in a green screen;
    fail V
    - Tried the "Freeboot side B - caution!" option, and it gives me a weird blue screen;
    fail VI
    I'm lost now... Maybe this is an easy thing to do and i just don't know how to... Maybe i'm forgetting something that i really don't know... Maybe is something to do with ACSI HD or GEMDOS HD? Maybe TOS compatibility? I read parts of the emulator manual talking about the Disk Manager and etc, and read almost all the FAQ archive, trying to raise my knowledge about the emulator and the Atari ST itself... Maybe i didn't read enough the manual? *sigh* Atari ST is too complex to emulate but have some great games, so i didn't wanna give up...  :(



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