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  1. Did you try downloading SCP Toolkit for your controllers ? It makes the any Playstation or xbox 360 controller more detectable for every emulator that you use on launchbox
  2. LOL !!! Retroarch doesn't work too well on my computer, although I like the interface and having all emulator in a front end. So I rather stick to using stand alone emulators like Kega
  3. The Parameters that used with the emulator were: but the parameters for the master system were :" -sms - auto"
  4. Well in my case, nothing happens. Not even the title screen wouldn't appear
  5. I've been using Launchbox for quite awhile without any problems, until I came across a small issue with loading Sega Master System roms that assigned with my favorite genesis emulator, Kega Fusion. It ran all my genesis , sega cd , and Game Gear games just fine, but when I click on a Master System game I get a black screen with a message on the lower right side that says, "Hard Reset" and "SC3000/SF7000 Startup" every time. I used the parameters from one of the forums and still get the same results. What I'm doing wrong ?
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