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  1. I use the Nvidia shield controller, typically wireless via gamestream. I tested it wired though after seeing this thread l verified that I can reproduce the issue when plugged in direct to the pc (windows 10). I have a PS4 and Xbox controller I can test later today to see if the issue is controller dependant. Although it seems a lot of the posts so far have been Xbox controllers.
  2. I can't speak for others but my issue seems to be specifically tied to the controller and how bigbox is dealing with it's input. It's not a performance issue (even though it acts that way at first glance)...it's simply the input not being recognized from one type of input device (controller in this case). If I sit at my computer with both the controller and keyboard i see the lag on the controller but not on the keyboard. If the problem was with cache or cpu performance it would impact both inputs.
  3. Just wanted to +1 the controller input issue. I actually thought the application was getting bogged down til I saw this thread and thought to test the keyboard when the response is being slow. No issue on the keyboard but controller will intermittently slow down to the point that you have to wait a second or two between presses. Seems to happen more after launching a game and returning focus back to BigBox. If I do a fresh launch of BigBox...I can scroll through a list of games from the controller quickly by holding up/down. After launching a game and returning I find that controller input is hit or miss and if I hold up/down it will change the entry once every few seconds as opposed to multiple times per second. Keyboard input does not have the same problem. I'm using a Shield controller hard wired to the PC (also happens when gamestreaming...which is why i was testing with it plugged in direct). Most games are using retroarch with the sdl2 input driver...not sure if that's related.
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