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  1. Thank you so much ! This still works a treat. Thanks to JayJay ! Makes TP seamless now on my cab. cheers Phil
  2. In an attempt to hide the console windows when starting a TP game I enabled the game start screen at default settings. This hides the console windows. However when exiting a TP game it quits fine but focus isn’t given back to Bigbox. The Bigbox menu appears but i cant use it. I have to Alt - tab which gives focus back to BB. Any solutions ? Perhaps a AHK exit script to automate Alt tab ? Cheers Phil
  3. Hi jason, I cleared the inputs for left and right trigger, that didn’t work. So I cleared them for mouse up and down and that worked for launchbox. What settings do i clear in bigbox as it still scrolls. cheers Phil
  4. Updated to 11.4 same issue. Rolled back to 11.2 All working fine.
  5. The combine pedals workaround no longer works with the 11.3 update. Any other solutions ? cheers Phil
  6. I have built many arcade cabs, but this is my latest. Loved my arcade racers back in the day. This cab has a select few games ranging from pure arcade ie Outrun 2 or Sega Rally 3 to sims like Assetto Corsa, Project Cars, Dirt Rally and modern arcade racers like the Grid series. Currently using the default theme, but open to suggestions. Cheers Phil
  7. Thanks Jason, I ending using the second option on the logitech software. Cheers Phil
  8. Hi All, Just ran the update. If i open either LB or BB the menu scrolls to the bottom like the down arrow is stuck. In LB the mouse also wants to go to the bottom of the screen. Outside of LB/BB mouse and keyboard function normally. Also if I start a game ie the one at the bottom of the list, the game works ok ie no scrolling menu’s. Cheers Phil
  9. FYI, if you set a longer time for the LB startup screen to stay on screen, you can hide the TeknoParrot game running screen completely. As soon as the game in TeknoParrot goes into exclusive full screen mode, the LB startup screen will end Thank you so much for this tip, does the job !
  10. Hi All, Is it possible to launch big box into a specific playlist ? cheers Phil
  11. I have hide command windows checked, they aren’t seen. The only window that pops up is the the game running screen with the progress bar. Thanks for the replies.
  12. Hi All, Launching and running games via teknoparrot and bigbox all working fine. Windows 7 ( launchbox 9.10) However the teknoparrot ui shows when launching. Is there a way to hide the UI ? regards Phil
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