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  1. will do it now! thank you very much for helping lordmonkus. ill feedback when its done
  2. yes I do have ppsspp emulator already installed. but it doesnt appear on launchbox. I do believe there are setup to do in order for the said emulator to appear in launchbox.
  3. can you guide me how to? I mean when I import my psp game I do click rom file then I proceed with what emulator I should use then a scroll bar appears a list of emulator to choose from such as retroarch,epsx,mame etc except ppsspp emulator. I do need ppsspp emulator to play my psp game.
  4. hi there im having a hard time adding ppsspp emulator in my launchbox. all other emulator are there except ppsspp. can someone help me to add ppsspp emulator manually. im dying to play my psp games in my pc. thanks for helping
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