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  1. Awesome. Thanks!!!! I’ll try it out tonight.
  2. Is there or will there be a version optimised for Android TV?
  3. Looks like I have found the issue... I used the following tutorial to perform a "clean boot" - https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/929135/how-to-perform-a-clean-boot-in-windows This was used to narrow down the issue by turning off applications and services at system startup. I found it was my sophos anti-virus causing the issue. I am not sure why switching hard drives caused my AV to misbehave, but now removing the AV and reverting back to windows defender - everything is silky smooth again. No need to re-install anything. Phew! Back to metroid prime Cheers, Return - ZeroCool
  4. I was running Launch box without issue and had running great. However, my hard disk had ran out of space, and needed to migrate to a new larger HDD. I had everything installed, including roms, emulators etc within the launch box folder, so went ahead and copied the entire folder to the new hard drive (and removing the old disk from my system) Everything on my PC seems to be still ruining fine, including my steam games etc which I also migrated. However Launchbox is no longer working well. Whenever I open it, it appears to freeze, with windows saying Launchbox is not responding - and seemingly no activity. If I wait long enough (usually 3-5 minutes) it will unfreeze and load up. However, while I can browse my library, as soon as I try and either run a game (either through retroarch, dolphin or whatever), launch big box, or even just trying to open the options from the launchbox menu, I face the same freezing problem. Even if I run emulators outside of launch box , such as dolphin, it seems to still freeze - again having to wait a number of minutes until it unfreezes. No other applications on my PC seem to be affected... just launch box and the associated emulators. Can anyone suggest some things to try to resolve this? At this stage, it's pretty unusable. I was thinking of uninstalling it completely and re-installing from scratch. However, I have spent a lot of time organising my library, and I don't really want to loose my hard work. As such, if I was to try that - how do I backup my library? Would it just be the games and Images folder, and the XML files from the data folder? - Launch box Premium 8.5 on Intel I7, 8GB, GTX1050ti, Windows 10 Pro Cheers, Return - ZeroCool
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