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  1. Yes that is the problem! And unchecking use all controllers does not work.
  2. With the new modifications I had to disable all controller mappings. They forced me to go back to using the keyboard, as annoying as that can be, to exit from emulators, control the volume and others. At least fix the "Use all attached controllers" checkbox to temporarily work around the problem with the buttons from different controllers being detected simultaneously and causing the mapped actions to occur! Exiting from emulators, being the most problematic! It is a significant backwards jump to have to resort to have a wireless keyboard sitting around the couch to be able to exit a game and go back to the Bigbox UI. Or having to walk from the couch to the computer in case of not having a wireless keyboard.
  3. Also, unchecking the selection box "Use all attached controllers" should solve the problem and it thoes not do what it's supposed to do. It does't work.
  4. I am in 10.6 version and configuring multi button mapping for exit application, causes when the combination of butons is detected in different controllers. Ie: Joy 1 buton 7 + joy 2 buton 1 causes exit of game. Use multiple controles is not checked.
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