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  1. I found out the issue, it was to do with the graphics driver, flycast only seems too like the OPEN GL drivers, Vulcan or any of the Direct X driver cause it too not function. Anyway I like too thank neil9000 for your help anyway's much appreciated.
  2. Just done that, and tried to launch a game by double clicking on the game picture and still nothing
  3. Like the title say's having issues with getting it to work. I have scanned the roms downloaded all the meta data and all that. Also I have set up launchbox to use the flycast core for Dreamcast like this..... Also I have done ctrl and A to select all games and right clicked selected edit and then selected dreamcast and the flycast core in the drop down menus. Do I need any other sort of command lines to get it too work.
  4. My top 20 would be this, no particular order. G Darius (my absolute favourite) R Type II Ikaruga Radiant Silver Gun Cotton II Parodius Strumwind Jets N Guns Crimson Clover Operation Ragnarok Giga Wing Generations Lords Of Thunder 1944 Keio Flying Squadron Truxton Stag III Trigger Heart Exlica Thunder Force IV Star Solider Under Defeat On a side note I do not like any of Caves shoot em ups, I think they are all style and no substance.
  5. Compatibility wise Demul as it is the only emulator that supports Windows CE games. Ease of use has to Redream has a great easy too use interface. For android it has too be Reicast.
  6. From what I believe, there is no actual emulator for this system, but the games themselves are written in a old version of Flash. I believe if you can get either a shockwave or a flash player you can run the games.
  7. Hello, new here, and first off I would like too thank all evolved with creating this brilliant frontend. I got an issue with Retroarch, it not auto loading config file I created on my first time setup. Every time I have I load it up manually, not so much a problem per se, but it is when I am using RA as the main emulator for Launchbox.
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