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  1. ChrisPKreme

    Dolphin Error

    Turns out, that was what was causing the problem
  2. ChrisPKreme

    Dolphin Error

    yeah I have those, but then looking at your config and my config I notice that I have "Use file name only without file extension or folder path" checked on, so I'm gonna check if that's causing the problem
  3. ChrisPKreme

    Dolphin Error

    My roms are in the iso format and loading directly from dolphin loads the roms no problem
  4. ChrisPKreme

    Dolphin Error

    yeah it seems to be pointing to the correct path
  5. ChrisPKreme

    Dolphin Error

    Dolphin is giving me that error, and no I did not move my roms
  6. ChrisPKreme

    Dolphin Error

    Hi so whenever I try to load up a Gamecube or Wii game, It gives me an error that says "The specified file (rom name here) does not exist." If someone could help me, that would be great