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  1. ya that worked out... have a game wheel s thanks so much ....
  2. its all fine there too, i cant seem t figure it out, wait a sec ok this could be the issue, when i first started with this i had everything on c drive then got a new drive and installed launchbox to d drive with some new consoles, then took launchbox from c drive and moved the files over and its those systems i believe that are not showing all art.
  3. ok so my CD art is showing clear art is not but they are in the right folders and are named the same. for example (clear Art) ATV Quad Power Racing-01.png and (CD cover) ATV Quad Power Racing-0.png....... weird...
  4. ok so when the art is all good what would cause the art not to show? is there a database? or something else.
  5. thanks for all the suggestions, so i should use fat match or Tur match? thanks all or do i need to use something else.
  6. Hi All just wanted to say a few things, Im new here and new to Launchbox been a hyperspin rocketlauncher guy for years, I built a new console computer to play retro games. I know my way around a computer and Rocketlauncher, So my problem is that when I populate my games and i go to the images folder i see all the art for a system but on some wheels it does not show those clear art images but only the words. I have tried refreshing all images in Bigbox, Im in the process right now of re downloding metedata and media but im sure its going to take a few days to sort out that im on hour 12 right now, I have tried different themes and im using the unified theme (very nice like hyperspin) any more help would be much appreciated.
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