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  1. I strangely had a similar problem with my NeoGeo games - while the scraper only seemed to detect 1 game (Pulstar) when selecting Neo Geo AES or MVS, I needed to go with Neo Geo CD to correctly detect and scrape the titles. Although, obviously, they are also available for the aforementioned platforms.
  2. Hm, so this is strange... But since I never named these platforms anywhere and just picked them from a predefined list, how, could there be anything wrong/missing? EDIT: What about the GCE Vectrex in your list? This is not a Clear Logo, but just a plain text-substitute! And that's exactly how it looked for me with the mentioned platforms.
  3. Tried the default one, switch andStationEmulation. But as I said, those Clear Logos being used / missing are provided by LB, not the themes themselves.
  4. Sooo... I added some missing Clear Logos for some games, which had already been Accepted. This evening I updated the database in LB and wanted to add those logos, but LB could not find them. They are present in the online database though.
  5. Well, I didn't name any of those platforms I'm using manually, I just selected them from the list when scraping - so it shouldn't be possible to have some kind of spelling errors there. On top of that, SNK and NEC are included, names are correct everywhere.
  6. I mean the images for the platforms themselves, not their games - Clear Logo, Banner, ... for like the N64, Snes, .... themselves. From what I've seen, those images are not included by the Themes I've used (Default, Switch, StationEmulation), but they rather use all the same images from the /Images/Platforms/ folder in Launchbox itself. And in there, while the platform images for like Gamecube, Windows, SNES, ... are provided, those platforms I've mentioned have no images provided whatsoever. I've created some images for these platforms myself and placed them in that folder for use with all themes, but it riddled me that those aren't provided by Launchbox itself.
  7. Cheers! So yesterday I finally finished setting up LaunchBox and BigBox including custom themes, when I noticed that for some platforms there were no images whatsoever provided - how is this possible / could be overseen when we're already at version 8.5?! I'm speaking of: Neo Geo CD TurboGrafx 16 TurboGrafx CD is there some way to submit such images to be included in the main release?
  8. Ahh that's good to know, so it isn't a live scrape? Is there any way to start this update manually?
  9. Cheers everyone! After fiddling around with many different ROM managers (AL and AEL for Kodi, ICE and SRM for Steam) that never really worked that well out of the box or are not supported or broken by now, I finally found out about LB a few days ago and gave it a buy quickly after. If I only had known earlier, I could've spared so much time and hassle... Anyways... Yesterday morning I added two games to the DB (Lance A Lot: Enhanced Edition & Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection). They were accpeted by noon and findable in the DB. When wanting to add both games to LB in the evening, it still couldn't find those. Does it take longer for LB to update to the actual DB state, do I have to do some kind of manual update, is this totally normal, ....? Cheers & thanks! :-)
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