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  1. i think i figured it out I had to save the settings in mame64, as you mentioned. Once saved then I had to back out and reassign the ROMs. Saved it and it worked. Thanks for your help!
  2. here is the screen expanded. Arcade matches
  3. yes its "Arcade" its what the tutorial said. I tried retroarch as well and neither worked. Im not seeing a file called mame.ini in the folder that has mame64.exe. Would it write the file somewhere else? Does Mame64.exe have to be in the emulators folder I created within the Launchbox rood dir?
  4. im using http://mamedev.org/ sorry, newbie, where do I get the mame.ini file?
  5. Newbie here, I have all my roms and emulator assigned. When I click on a game it looks like mame tries to load but doesn't play. Video example here https://youtu.be/0lv59FzEcXI When I go direct and load via mame64 the rom loads perfectly. Any ideas on why LaunchBox doesn't load mame64? Attached are the emulator settings
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