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  1. Hi, i love this Theme. I have it for many years now. But now i have a problem. On some Platforms the "recent played/added games" Covers were displayed and on other platforms not. I played games and added new games but they werent displayed. Please help?? I have this view
  2. Hi, Sorry for my English When my videos are playing in big box, the rom name will be displayed in the lower right corner. How can I change that? Thank You
  3. Hi, Sorry for my English When my PS1 Gamevideos are playing in Big Box, it shows the rom name in the right bottom corner. How can I change that? Thank You
  4. @Retro808 yes this works without problems. But it is a lot of work to change all my roms individually.
  5. for example my GBA Roms: LB says Rompath changed for 168 Games. But the games have the old rom path
  6. Sure, i selected the games before i go to tools
  7. I go to tools then (i dont know exactly in English) changing rom path. Then i select the new path of the roms. Launchbox then says it was succesful changed. But nothing happened.
  8. Hi, Sorry for my English. The Option to change the rom path is not working for me. i have copied the roms on an other hard drive. and i want to change the path from my roms in launchbox. I change the Path and it says successful/Complete. But when i look at the game in LB the path isnt changed. What am I doing wrong? Please help. Thank you
    Hi, This Theme is awesome. I have two problems. Help would be great 🙂 1. How did you get the Platform Pictures in the Platform Videos in the middle? For me its in the right Corner. On your fourth picture above 2. How can I deactivate the Scanlines for the Platform Videos? Greetings
  9. I have the same problem. I figured out that when you change the name of the game in LB, the video don't autoplay. For example in my Commodore Amiga Section: When I name the game "James Pond" the video Autoplay run smooth. When I changed the name to "James Pond: Underwater Agent", the video don't autoplay in LB. In Big Box it works fine. Any Solutions? Thank You Edit: Oh just now, I find out that you have to rename the Video the same like the Game in LB. Like rename it to "James Pond: Underwater Agent". Sorry i dont wanted to disturb 🙂
  10. Ok thank you. I think the update changed the aspect ratio and i dont noticed it. I changed it to 0.71 and thats perfekt 😄
  11. Hi, After the Upgrade to Launchbox Premium, all my PC and DOS Collection have Different Box Sizes. How can I change that ? That isnt really what i wanted. Please Help! Thank You
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