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  1. Errors: - Missing Quantum - Should not include Space Fortress (Century, 1980)
  2. Found a solution. The correct values for these D-pad settings are "up", "down", "left", and "right". I was messing around on YouTube, and accidentally hit the joystick to the right and noticed that the video advanced 5 seconds -- which would only happen if the stick was sending a left arrow key. (Not an "L" key, as that advances a full 10 seconds.) So I put two and two together, and edited retroarch.cfg, searched for player1_up, and so forth, and replaced the values. Bingo, worked. Now on to the fact that the SNES emulator isn't picking up even the default core configs.
  3. Hey folks, Background: Loving Launchbox so far, with the Xtension Emulator Edition Plus stick. It reads as a keyboard, which is perfect, since my main application is MAME, and it worked out of the box. Within Launchbox, I have other emulators set up. Most are configured as cores inside Retroarch. One of those is Nestopia. I've gone through the effort of entering all my player 1 controls into Retroarch, with no core loaded. The joystick's associated keyboard keys are numpad8, numpad5, etc. When I load a NES game: 1) buttons are fine, including A, B, and Select -- apparently my global controller config is carried through for buttons! 2) ...but the player1 joystick doesn't respond In retroarch, hitting F1, you get to a quick menu and the D-pad controls *do* reference the global Retroarch labels, i.e. D Pad Up for up, etc. And when I navigate over to the global player 1 controls, it indeed shows D Pad up as "numpad8" -- which is exactly the keyboard key associated with pushing the keystick up. Am I missing something basic? Any ideas?
  4. Thanks! Feature request submitted.
  5. For #2 - Thanks! For #1 - Is there a suggested way to submit or upvote a feature request?
  6. Hi there! Love the product, have bought the full version, running 8.7 on Windows 10. Two questions on playlists. 1. Playlist visibility. How do I tell which playlists a game is in? I would normally expect two things, and I'm not seeing either. - to see the right-click context sub-menu for playlists to indicate this with a checkbox next to the playlists a title is in. - to see a field in the Edit panel for playlists 2. Removing a game from a playlist. I've created an Favorites playlist. I would like to remove a game from the playlist. How do I do this today? Thanks!
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