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  1. 3 hours ago, Mikee580 said:

    I'm in the process of doing this product but I'm finding proper fruit machine clear logos a problem to find, can you help atall?

    I'm also recording the Fruit Machines and also making marquees, it's a long drawn out process but I'm slowly making progress.

    Ten Ten Do It Again WDX.png

    Terminator-Jpm-£6 Wdx.png


    The Big Breafast 1600 DX.png

    The Big Cheese DX.png

    The Gambler DX.png

    The Game Show - DX - dB.png

    The Holy Grail £25.png

    The Hulk.png

    The Mob DX.png

    The Pink Panther Wdx.png

    The Rat Pack.png

    The Simpsons 1080p WDX Ross.png

    Those look amazing! I can't help with clear logos, but here is a huge collection of scanned flyers by the user spa from The MPU Mecca, most of them have a logo that can be cropped - hopefully that's useful :)



  2. 12 hours ago, RetroGamer75 said:

     Haggie55 Thank you for sharing your collection, how about DL Collection that I have? 2580 layouts which turn out 16.5 gb or leave it alone and use your set? Thanks again 

    I'm guessing your collection has a larger number of layouts because it contains Classic (no graphics) layouts - my collection only contains DX (graphical) layouts. If you're happy your DX versions are up to date then there's no need to use my collection ?

  3. Hey All

    Here is my updated slot machine collection. There is over one hundred newly emulated machines and many of the previously emulated machines have improved versions that take advantage of the updated emulator. I haven't kept track of which machines have been updated, so the file contains all the slots - so just delete your slot folder and replace it with this one.

    The "Box - Front" file contains snapshots of the machines, and I've uploaded the xml file which contains the "Manufacturer" and "TECH" custom fields.

    For all of you having problems getting the emulator, you need to register at http://www.desertislandfruits.com/ and make a couple posts. If you're still having problems, as Johnny T posted earlier in this thread, contact the site admin Reg and I'm sure he'll help you.

    Unfortunately, I can't upload the emulator because its creator only wants it to be available from that site, and we should respect his wishes.


    Slot machines: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EQOyr5Twm4BSr2bXnhtiy12cFAkgujIq/view?usp=sharing

    Box - Front: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dT--YQ4_BsNbycG9EpM3U4_0i1g26z9t/view?usp=sharing

    XML: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IhdzYR133rgnccsnuQXE0Hpyas6IdqGf/view?usp=sharing


    Here's a few of the new slots you can lose lots of virtual money on ?




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  4. 21 hours ago, ItchyRobot said:

    Can you show some pictures of this setup. I was hoping to rig up something similar with my 32" monitor but can not find anything that I like.

    It's just a 27" monitor (2560 x 1440) that can rotate to portrait and I run the pins in fullscreen mode


  5. 7 hours ago, Johnny T said:

    @Haggie55 just wanted to say a massive thank you for posting your images and xml for this. I built a cabinet to play MFME a couple of years ago (as far as I know I was the first to build one that accepted money and paid money out automatically) and had it running mGalaxy as a front end. I'd not even thought of running Launchbox (even though, right next to my MFME cabinet I have a MAME cabinet running launchbox!).

    This is superb and a real head start for adding the machines to my fruit machine cabinet. There's obviously a LOT of work been put in to making all the images and it's great that you've shared them with the community. 

    Great work and a thank you! ?

    TYVM. Congrats on making a MFME cabinet - browsing the slots' forums and YouTube, it seems not many people have made a cabinet & the fact yours pays out money... all I can say is "WOW!" ?

    As a general note, this thread will be a year old in November, so come November I'll bump it with a package of all the new slots & improved versions of previously emulated slots that have been released in the last year.

    For all of you who have tried MFME emulation for the first time, hopefully you'll find this useful - it can be very confusing to keep up with all the releases across all the different forums.

    Also, there is a new version of the MFME emulator out - in the tradition of confusing version numbers it's 19.x (the previous version was 6.1 ???). The link is in the original post - but, for the first time, the emulator can now check for new versions of itself & download them - so you'll only need to download it once. ?



  6. Hey All

    I thought I’d make my VPX collection available – hopefully someone with a similar set-up to myself will find it useful (no PinCab, but a monitor that rotates to portrait)

    The collection only contains solid state machines - no electro-mechanical pins

    I used a snap of the pin as the box front – all of the snaps were taken on a 2560 x 1440 monitor, and I tried to capture each pin when it had all of its lights on during its attract mode

    Where available each pin has its instruction card in pdf format and its flyers

    I scoured the net for the best photos I could find of each pins side art, playfield & backglass

    Here are the settings I use in VPX for these pins:

    8.thumb.PNG.813bda98b6892c77503c3267a6f17f5b.PNGHere are the pins (the instruction cards are in the pins folders): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1p435GtVGcR72jYnJitpmskOUW3OseOqK/view?usp=sharing

    Nvrams: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IUpa4q4dWCIxT6btTNZ9nKB1Rv5qlijI/view?usp=sharing

    Here is the LaunchBox Images folder with the box fronts, flyers & photos: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jTTWbkOhQvjpPHSgHXE9JIzxyo6V8q0S/view?usp=sharing



    If you’ve yet to try VPX + VPinMAMEall-in-one installer (& table releases) here: https://www.vpforums.org/

    More table releases here: https://vpinball.com/

    This is how it looks in LaunchBox:

    1.thumb.PNG.754521ece8a9d5c57cda48dc9b392be0.PNGSome box fronts and the instruction cards:


    A set of photos:

    5.thumb.PNG.83eedebdc8d039fc4e0fab7c7249ac60.PNG6.thumb.PNG.45b0f461d61536977e55c39a9c2dce24.PNG7.thumb.PNG.5d9bf29a1d8452798e38437f0ce58f2d.PNGHope someone finds this useful ?



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  7. 9 hours ago, Retrofrogg said:

    Thanks so much @Haggie55! With those files I have managed to get it all working. Great collection! Is there any way to have the machines load up in fullscreen (max) mode, do you know?

    Start any slot then from the File menu select Preferences and in the Screen Mode drop down select Full Screen Max. Exit MFME & then all slots should always start in fullscreen mode ?

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  8. 15 hours ago, Dan said:

    @Haggie55 - have you all the games correctly named in Launchbox to match the images? If so, would you mind sharing your XML? After importing the fruits I am renaming them and adding the manufacturer (which on import is put after the fruit name) but it's taking forever!

    Yup, title & image match - where & what's the name of the XML I need to upload?

  9. Here is my collection of slot machines. The folder contains a few duplicated slots where I've updated to a better layout but not deleted the old one, and a few of the slots do not have the .gam file needed to run them, this is because if I didn't like the layout I deleted it within LaunchBox but didn't delete the slot's folder. 

    As mentioned in an earlier post, I've altered the LED/dot matrix displays to my preferred look - if you want to alter the appearance of any element of the slot machines just select Edit Mode from the Design menu then right click on any part of the image and you can play around with the appearance.

    To keep yourself update with new releases visit the sites in the first post, and say thanks to the creators & if you feel like it make a donation to show your support ?



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  10. 19 hours ago, Dan said:

    Is it the Win7 or WinXP of MFME 6.1 you need, if you are running Win10? Also, is there a way to download all the slots as a package? Or maybe you could share your fruits folder ??

    You need the Win7 version - I'm running Win10 and there are no compatibility issues. There's no slots package... so stay tuned & I'll put a link to mine in this thread within a week (probably) (:

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  11. 2 hours ago, Dan said:

    That makes sense. The MAME emulation of slots isn’t that great without a re-production of the appearance of the machine as a whole. A different story from what seems to be happening with MFME! 

    Yes, I would appreciate such an image package, thanks! Manually matching the images is still some work but nothing compared to getting all the screen grabs! 


    Here they are :)


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  12. On ‎11‎/‎26‎/‎2018 at 10:30 AM, Dan said:

    How does the emulation compare to the MAME slot machine emulation?

    Regarding the screenshots - you mention to launch each game and then screen grab it - this would be very time consuming given that there appear to be 1044 slot machines in your collection! Have you made shots for them all? Would you be willing to share? :) 

    I've no idea which emulator is the more accurate.

    But MAME only emulates the roms, it doesn't re-create the image of the slot. MFME emulates the roms, but is also an editor that allows the creators to re-produce the appearance of the slot - normally from a scanned flyer.

    It is time consuming screen grabbing all the slots, but LaunchBox brings out the obsessive in me :)

    I can make a package of images if anyone wants them, but you'll still have to manually match each image to the slot as I have re-named most of the slots. Also the image won't exactly match the original slot as I alter the LED and/or dot matrix displays to my preferred look.

    So let me know if you want an image package and I'll sort it out :) 


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  13. Hey All

    This is the slot machine emulator MFME in LaunchBox

    I think it looks ok...  :)686744690_ScreenShot11-12-18at05.22AM001.thumb.PNG.1b709453ab1deb9203fd3749fa537db1.PNG

    A brief guide to setting up MFME & putting it in LaunchBox

    MFME stands for Multi Fruit Machine Emulator - it's like VisualPinball in that the roms are emulated and the appearance of the slots is simulated

    You can download the current version (6.1) here - you'll need to join and post to access the downloads:


    The site also has a large selection of slots - and the following sites are the other main locations for slots:



    Install MFME wherever you like, and you’ll end up with something like this:

    909343524_ScreenShot11-12-18at02_30PM.thumb.PNG.12ff03af5f4b86f77b0d24df5079f412.PNGThe folder “Fruits” you need to make yourself – call it what you like – and this is where the slots go

    Each slot needs its own folder and the .zip needs to be unzipped in the folder – so you’ll have something like this:




    To put MFME into LaunchBox add the emulator like any other, so just point LaunchBox at the MFME.exe

    You will then need to add each slot individually, so select “Import… Rom File” and add the xxx.gam file – no need to try and download any metadata, MFME is a complete mystery to LaunchBox :)

    To add the images launch a slot then screengrab it – don’t use MFMEs own screengrabber as it gives poor results – use Gadwin or similar

    Then set the image as Box-Front & Screenshot-Gameplay or however you have your LaunchBox setup


    That’s it :)


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