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  1. Thank you all I end it up getting rom set 0.197 all is working now. maybe later I will update to the latest. for now i'm good. trust me I searched the whole www for that qsound file none of them worked.
  2. I got a new rom set, I'm going to set it up and see how it goes. I'll update when I'm done thanks.
  3. Thank you for the quick response. how do I update qsound?
  4. Hey all, I'm new to this, I uploaded a bunch of arcade games using mameui64 v202 (for some reason mame0.202 wouldn't work with the roms) everything works except most of the street fighter games (or capcom roms?), when I open them I get this error message "dl-1425.bin NOT FOUND" (see pic). I've search all over the internet and downloaded a bunch of QSOUND zip files but I'm still getting the same message. I've placed the QSOUND file in the roms folder, renamed on the files in the qsound file to dl-1425.bin but no luck. any help would appreciated. Qsound has 2 files 059C847D and D6CF5EF5 bot
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