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  1. I second this, Microvision, being pretty much the first cartridge based handheld system should definitely be here
  2. Super Cassette Vision is in the database, but its older cousin, Cassette Vision, is nowhere to be found https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cassette_Vision
  3. Launchbox doesn't pick up games sharing the same name and the same platform when searching for metadata - if there are two games with the same name, released on the same platform, it will only find one. This is a problem with games like Attack for the Arcade (one was released by Taito in 1976, the other by Exidy in 1977, they're completely different games), or Heavyweight Champ (1977 release for Arcades by Sega and its identically named sequel from 1987). The games are working ok in the database - they have unique ids and display as separate titles when searching on the site, it's just the Launchbox app that returns only one of them when searching for metadata. This is a problem, as you can't bind the other game in your collection to the corresponding entry in the database. One idea to circumvent this would be to add the developer name in brackets in the title, e,g, Attack (Taito) and Attack (Exidy), but then it still wouldn't work in the case of Heavyweight Champ (both games release by Sega). This should be fixed I believe - there may not be too many games that are affected by this bug, but they still exist.
  4. Bumping, the problem still exists even after I readded the Attack from 1976. Both Attack from 1976 and Attack from 1980 are present in the database and display fine, but only Attack from 1980 appears in search results when looking for metadata in the LaunchBox app. I believe it may have something to do with the fact that both games have the same title and are on the same platform.
  5. The 1976 arcade game "Attack" (https://gamesdb.launchbox-app.com/games/details/106265) is in the database, but it's not picked up when searching for metadata (only Attack from 1980 comes up in results). Newer changes to the database that I've suggested (various release date changes) all made it into the metadata, but this one didn't, so I believe there's some issue that prevents it from appearing, or it was somehow omitted.
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