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  1. Would love a YouTube video of this in action!
  2. Hi all. I'm having an issue that is most annoying. Technically, it's two issues but I'm sure they are intrinsically related so I'm posting both of them here to see if anyone knows what I should do. Here is how I play Wii games on Big Box from my living room couch: Steam Link hardware connected to TV. Mayflash Dolphin Bar connected to Steam Link. Real Wiimotes connected to Dolphin Bar. Access Dolphin through Big Box in Steam. All in all, this works well for me: I can play Wii games from the couch without many issues. This is how I start playing a game:
  3. Question! Can you give us a list of the image categories we should absolutely have for this theme to work its best? I want to make sure that if I'm missing anything I try to hunt it down. There are some obvious ones such as clear logos, box front, box back, cart/disc, etc., but a full list would be much appreciated!
    This theme is just incredible, it's exactly what I wanted. It's clear a ton of effort went into this! Will be using this for a long time to come, I'm sure.
    Loaded this into the latest version of LB and it would prevent LB from launching. Deleted from Plugins folder and everything worked fine again. Needs an update, I think.
  4. Did you ever figure out a fix for this? I am having this same problem.
  5. OK, well, I guess I will try to remove the admin privileges for LB/BB. However, removing admin privileges from Dolphin is what helped me fix the problem stated at the beginning of this thread. Many online tutorials instruct you to give admin rights to Dolphin, which is why that was turned on in my setup.
  6. Without running Launchbox as admin, though, it is impossible to launch Cemu games. Unless there is another way to do this?
  7. I realize this thread is mad old but I eventually did figure this out. The problem is that Dolphin CANNOT be run as an Administrator but Launchbox needs to be. In other words, turn off the "Run as Administrator" option for Dolphin.exe and turn the same feature on for Launchbox.exe. This is what finally made things work properly for me.
  8. I use the following setup: Windows 10-based gaming PC > Steam Link Hardware > Launchbox (Big Box) as non-Steam game > Xbox One Controller This allows me to sit on the couch, pick up my controller, and play all my games without needing to touch a mouse, keyboard, or my PC in any way. This, above all else, is what I want. However, I'm at an impasse with Citra because I can't use the touch screen without needing a mouse. Here's what I've tried: Use Citra core in Retroarch: This actually works really well. I can load my games from the couch and Retroarch emulates a
  9. OK, so this is REALLY helpful, thank you! Your setup is very, very close to what mine is. I'm using wireless DS4 controllers instead of wired Xbox controllers, but I don't think that's what's causing the problem. Other than that, we're the same I think what's happening is a conflict with Big Box and Steam Link. Other than the controllers, I have the exact same setup as you except I'm adding in the Steam Link. Now, as I said earlier, everything with my setup works fine when I'm using the Link and Dolphin on its own, and it still works fine when I'm using the Link and Dolphin laun
  10. No, I haven't. But honestly, I don't think I've even tried, as my DS4 it's always right there to control LB. At this point, I have bigger fish to fry anyway!
  11. Can you elaborate on your particular setup? Maybe there's something about your setup that's different from mine? I am launching the standalone Dolphin, not the RetroArch core. It's the lastest update of Dolphin as well.
  12. The Wii remotes are not setup through LaunchBox. However, they never have been. The setup I have worked flawlessly for a long while, until something recently went wrong with Big Box. I have been doing some troubleshooting with a helpful Redditor, and we've concluded this is some sort of LB bug. We've come to that conclusion because: The Wii remotes work fine with Dolphin on its own (without LB or BB involved at all) The Wii remotes work fine with Dolphin launched through the desktop mode of LB. Controller support on every other emulator launched through LB or BB works
  13. I have Launch Box set up with Dolphin to play Wii games. I use real Wii Remotes passing through the Mayflash Dolphin Bar. Everything works great, it's like having a real Wii. However, things go wrong with Big Box. If I open a Wii game through Big Box it doesn't recognize my Wii Remotes. If I open Dolphin on its own, everything works great. If I open Dolphin in desktop mode, everything works great. Big Box mode? No Wii Remotes. Can anyone assist with this? I'm going crazy.
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