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  1. Regarding the Commodore 64, I load the cassettes just fine by inserting the "c64 -cass" commandline. But when the rom runs, I get to the blue prompt screen where you used to type in "Run" to start the game... but is there a command to get the rom loaded and then afterwards to the the MAME64 emulator to "run" the game?
  2. Ah ok, thank you for the clarification regarding the emulators and the commandline-parameters. The reason why I use the MAME64 emulator, is that it was suggested to me and since I use the merged rom set.. but is emulators such as Retroarch faster and better, or just easier to set up?
  3. AH YEEEEEES!!!! IT ALIVE!!! IIIIIITS ALIVE! Thank you SOOO much, I have been waiting after years of trying (on and off)!!! You saved my week! Regarding which Platform works in what way i Launchbox, is there a list where you can see which platforms requires what checkmarks in settings and Application Command-line Parameters? Again thank you SOO much Sundogak!
  4. Hi everyone I'am using Launchbox and have gotten the Atari 5200 games to work - just had to write "a5200 -cart" in the commandline parameter in the MAME settings i Launchbox... but when I try with other systems ex. the NES I can't get it to work? What am I doing wrong?
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