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  1. Hey All, I posted this in the noob forum because I certainly am one, but thought the troubleshooting section may be more apt: I've been a long time user of Launchbox, but I've recently moved into a new house and I've changed my system setup. I have home server running Unraid and multiple thin clients around the house that i use for gaming and productivity via Windows VMs. My old Launchbox setup was on my main gaming PC, but since I've gotten rid of it, I need a new solution. Has anyone else worked with Launchbox in this capacity? Do I install Launchbox on a VM or would there be a better solution to retro gaming through a thin client? **please delete if this is the inappropriate place for this question**
  2. Awesome, thanks for the reply guys!
  3. Hi guys, question on exporting. I exported to android using the wizard. Everything worked fine. But, I went back to add more a second time. The originally exported games were physically still on my phone, but LaunchBox wouldn't recognize them any longer. Is there a way to add roms or can I do it manually once the folders on the phone are created? Is there an xml file that i have to manipulate?
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