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  1. Hi Jason! I think it would definitely be added value to the Launchbox exprience 😎 Especially playing Mame / Arcade games is all about beating your high score! Showing high scores when browsing through your LB library would be so cool! About adding my request to the next community poll. How does that work exactly? ~GC
  2. I think I've posted my question in the wrong subforum 😬. Perhaps a mod can replace my topic to the general Launchbox > Troubleshooting subforum ? Maybe the visitors of that subforum can help me out ☺️ Thank you.
  3. Hello everybody! I've a question about Platform and Platform Category when showing my MAME games. My MAME games are part of the Platform: Arcade. Just as I want to. However, when I choose Platform Category Launchbox shows Arcade (Platform category) and a nested menu option Arcade (Platform). Is it possible to have only one Menu option Arcade when choosing Platform Category or does Lauchbox Always have to show Platform Category and a nested menu option Platform ? Why do I ask this ? Arcade games are Mame games only (in my setup) so I'd rather like to see one menu option Arcade and not another nested Arcade menu option. It looks a bit strange. Hope to hear from you guys 😊 ~ GC
  4. Hello guys, I'm new to LaunchBox and BigBox and I have a question concerning Mame. I've a hi-score supporting mame build which saves hi-scores. In Launchbox on the right hand side of the screen you get all kind of info about the game you select including images etc. It would be very cool if Launchbox (and or BigBox) could somehow show the current in-game hi-score table. I just love to play those 80's arcade games and it would be very cool if this is possible. I know GameEx has a feature like this where you can select a high score menu option when browsing through the info of a game. It generates a screen showing the current hi-score table of the particular game. I hope to hear from you if this is somehow possible in LaunchBox / BigBox. Btw, I love Launchbox. Such a clean and wonderful layout ! ~ GC
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