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  1. Many thanks! I also have another question concerning the floppy drive: I want to use a second save game disk with Kick Off 2, just as a back up for the proper save game disk. But if I eject the game disk there will be no option to put in another disk except the proper save disk. How can I do that? Again: Many thanks!
  2. Sorry for another rookie question: Whenever I start a game with two disks via FS-UAE I put disk 1 in the first floppy drive and disk 2 in the second. However, when the game asks me to change the disk, I have eject the first disk and replace it the second disk in floppy drive one. There must be a way to use the second floppy drive and avoid the change of the disks? Many thanks for your help!
  3. Hm, this is really bad. Is it possible to create several blank .adf files to use them as individual save game disks for each game?
  4. Hi there, I'm a newbie with regards to emulation but use FS-UAE quite a while to play Kick Off 2. I used the save disk feature regularly. This week end I played Sensible World of Soccer for the first time and used the save disk again. Now I realized the all my Kick Off Saves are gone! Could it be that FS-UAE used the SAME save disk and formated my Kick Off save games when I saved Sensible Soccer games? In this case, how can I use the save disk feature for different games? Many thanks for your help!
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