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  1. I have the same issue. I posted about it a week ago so I'm sure someone is aware of it. Happened with the newest update.
  2. The attached video shows what I'm talking about
  3. It seems that certain games have an image attached to them. This image appears on the game wheel but unless the next game has the same kind of asset attached the previous image sticks...hard to explain. It is a new issue that I have only had since updating to 10.9, I can't figure out what the asset is called to disable it. IMG_9230.MOV
  4. Cool, I guess I have never noticed. I was just excited to get Star Wars Arcade running. They just fixed the ROM in the Mame .217.
  5. Heya all- For some reason Big Box is not importing Wing Wars or Star Wars Arcade games that were just promoted to working in Mame .217. I can find them in my roms and launch them via Mame but they are not coming up in Big Box. Imported a full Mame set twice now with no luck.
  6. Ended up just reverting back to one of my arcade backups and reimporting mame. Its awesome the way you guys built the automatic backups into launchbox it has saved me countless times!
  7. Everything is checked. I'll check out the back up file tonight. Thank you!
  8. Heya All- I just did my monthly update in MAME as well as updated to Launchbox 10.7 and am noticing that Big Box is listing every MAME rom and software/system. I reimported the set and made sure to have the do not import nonplayable games box checked. When I rebooted Big Box it still has all roms and systems coming up on my games list. Doesn't mess up the gameplay, everything is still there, but there is also a ton of things in my game menu that should not be there.
  9. Works well for all my other games but for some reason any old vector based games like Star Wars or Tempest don't translate. Any one have a similar experience? maybe a solution? I think it would be kind of awesome to play something like Tempest with synced external lights.
  10. What happened is that my video collection is a World region, last night when I imported my mame set I left the preferred region on North America. reimported with the proper settings and everything is good.
  11. Thats what I did wrong. I didn't uncheck that media downloads box....thanks!
  12. I use CLRMamepro to update my mame set my question was more to Launchbox importing that updated set. The proper method in Launchbox is to use the import mame full set option, correct? I am hoping there is a way to get a quicker way for launchbox to scan my roms when I update my mame from say .210 to .211 instead of importing the entire set again.
  13. I did not rename anything and most of my videos still work. Maybe you're right the new version of Mame has different shortnames for the roms, I can check that when I get home. It is just weird because it is games like Black Tiger and Cabal, games that I don't think have been updated. But maybe, because it is from a Multimedia set I downloaded from PD for .209. I have not seen an updated multimedia set as of yet. But I did do the import correctly right? for updating Mame you need to update the whole set. Also what is the proper way to make Big Box scan for new videos? Thank you
  14. I think this is an easy one, I just don't know what to do. Last night I updated my Mame to .211 and used the full arcade set importer to update Big Box. Big Box imported it all just fine but a lot of my video snaps have now been disconnected from the menu. I know I still have the videos in the same place in the Launchbox file system, I have not moved anything. What should I do to reconnect everything?
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