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  1. Evening people I've just moved my entire library to a new hard drive with the same drive letter as my old one. All my other systems are working except mame it trays to boot and then crashes in launchbox and itself. I've now pointed the roms folder to where it is in the new drive and now they show up in mameui but still crash. Is it a case of pointing all of the directories to there new location and if so what folders do I point them at as the PCB directory has no folder it the top mame folder. Any help would be great TIA Edit All sorted now I just redownloaded mameui64 and went through the steps again?
  2. That seems to have fixed it. I was not getting any errors at all but as you advised I moved the settings file and then updated it back to 9.3 and everything seems to be working again. thanks for your help Neil. I'll be able to sleep tonight now??
  3. I've tried rolling back to 9.2 and still have the same issue. If I uninstall it would I lose all my emulator settings and have to start again or will it save them? Could my theme of been corrupted somehow?
  4. Evening I left my launchbox open on my laptop and went to work when I got home it now looks like the pic the grey box on the side opens up the edit menu all other box's do nothing. Big box still works fine and launches games any ideas anyone? Edit It's version 9.3 by the way
  5. I've managed to get a few working out of 228 roms if I import them under snk neogeo aes as opposed to importing them under arcade. Do you think it could be a bad rom set
  6. Evening all I have tried everything I can think of to try and get neogeo to work in launchbox with retroarch and seting up a new emulator called neogeo. I tried to set these up following eta primes YouTube guide using fba neogeo but this would not work in retroarch the only way I have gotten these to work Is using mame2003 in retroarch and they launch fine. My default command line parameter in my neogeo emulator setup is -L "cores/lrmame2003_libretro.dll". And nothing retroarch in launchbox does not work when set to mame2003 either. Any help would be most appreciated
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