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  1. I've bought parts from paradisearcadeshop before (replaced the joysticks and buttons in my X-Arcade stick) and they were fine. The only issue I had is that I currently live in Australia so had to use an additional postal service to get them shipped to the AU because PAS don't post outside of USA (so you end up posting to a repost depot inside USA which then forwards to you wherever. Costs a little more but I couldn't find any other options to get the parts I wanted).
  2. That's brilliant. Thanks so much for the clarification, guys - greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi there, I bought a premium license for LaunchBox today in your Black Friday sale (good on ya for the charity work!) - and I have a couple of simple questions: 1 - I have a desktop and a laptop PC - am I able to use the same License.xml on both or do I require a separate license per machine? 2 - Assuming you're okay with the above, would it also be okay to use the same License.xml on my son's laptop? That is - would you consider a license to be a "site license" for a small number of PCs, such as those in the average family? If your answer is that each PC must have its own license then while it would be a touch disappointing I'd be okay with that. I'm not trying to rip you off in any way, shape or form (as asking this question should indicate) and I would never openly distribute a license (which would surely then glow red-hot on your "touching-base" metrics so you could kill the key with a deft SQL 'REMOVE key FROM valid_keys WHERE key_id = 'blah') - I just wanted to clarify the terms of the license so I know whether I can use it on a small number of PCs within my family. Thanks in advance & keep up the great work! =D
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