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  1. Hi DanTheMan1379 in my case i had accents in the names of the folders like. For emulators - G:\Portal de Emulação\Emuladores For Roms - G:\Portal de Emulação\LaunchBox\Games so i changed for: For emulators - G:\Portal de Emuladores\Emuladores For Roms - G:\Portal de Emuladores\LaunchBox\Games and i solved my problem.
  2. No problem, but i have accents here, i will change now For emulators - G:\Portal de Emulação\Emuladores For Roms - G:\Portal de Emulação\LaunchBox\Games
  3. even when I'm in the bigbox, I can open the retroarch menu (theres a option on bigbox when you select the game) make all the way to find the rom inside the retroarch menu and play it normally.
  4. i do no, i think i have a bug here, because when i put the information -L "cores\genesis_plus_gx_libretro.dll" i cant saved.
  5. yes, i run the games directly on retroarch with no problem genesis and snes games.
  6. Tha exact name is Sega Genesis but i have problem with super Nintendo too.
  7. i started a new fórum and the name is "retroarch does not start with launchbox or bigbox"
  8. Hello I use retroarch for my games, but i cant started my games on launchbox with retroarch, when i forced appears the message "now loading" but only for a few seconds and nothing happens. I start on launchbox and bigbox on last week, so i do not have previous versions of launchbox. I think this problem occurs on manage emulators > retroarch > associated plataforms and this window there are the new column and i cant put the information about the column "default command-line parameters" because when i put the information for exemplo "-L "cores\genesis_plus_gx_libretro.dll" and press "ok", when i return on this window my information is not saved. So i need help, because i cant use the retroarch on my launch box or big box. Thank you and sorry about my english its not my native language.
  9. Portuguese, sorry about my english.
  10. yes, this name is created by program so i did not move this.
  11. yes, i reinstalled some times and the problem to be continued
  12. I do no, because when i started the game on the plataform retroarch its work perfectly, but i will search the vídeos about the bios on retroarch.
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