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  1. Thanks Neil - I see where you are coming from now. You are happy with the way it is regardless of how many people complain about it. That's all you have to say vs tell me my expectations are out of whack or threaten me with a ban. I wonder if they are paid members that support the project like I am? Regardless - Glad they are happy with your software's performance. I'm not. Last post from me as this has been pointless and super unhelpful.
  2. To be clear - I didn't even setup EmuMovies yet on this PC. I just imported my MAME collection with all the defaults enabled (then removed the roughly matched images which didn't speed it up too much, but a little). It took many hours so I just left it going overnight and found it completed this morning. 2108 games or so...took multiple hours to import some images... Maybe that seems acceptable to some folks here and that's "the best we can do"...but I think it could be much better if we tried to find a solution vs accept the slow garbage as being the only possibility. Maybe the server needs t
  3. I would make it optional of course to download a full pack. Nobody has to be forced to do anything There are a ton of options already available, I didn't think one more checkbox that offers "Download Pack (warning maybe large file size - or explicitly states the size of the file)" would hurt too much. I don't think it's uncommon for someone to have a "Full NES USA Set" or "Full MAME 0.181" collection for example. I would think many users that do not have bandwidth caps would opt to download a pack and post-process it to match up with their content and save hours worth of time as a trade
  4. The pack would definitely need to be post processed on the local machine (which other solutions don't seem to do - they simply rely on the naming convention of files to match the pack's files..). Grab all the files, match them up to content that is present, then (optionally) prune any un-associated media files to save space (optionally - I personally might keep them). This could be a local database that is checked like a cache. Updating this content later online would be neat to still have, but for initial bulk import and creations - Something much faster is (obviously) desirable Just t
  5. If downloading files one-by-one is the bottleneck - let's get around that The multiple files do take much longer. Packs - that sounds interesting. Would it be feasible to provide a collection pack for download? Most of the consoles are not producing new games of course - would it be better to provide an option for a full pack download (automatically via LaunchBox), and let the local machine post-process everything vs doing it one by one over a network connection? Like MAME - a pack of all the (playable) games...perhaps even easier NES (USA/JP/EU could be separate packs or not...), SNES,S
  6. Hi Neil! Thank you for the super fast response. Why is this option 'recommended' if it's hindering the performance so much (just wondering hehe)? Should be disabled by default perhaps. I cancelled the import and started it over again and indeed it is MUCH faster. Is it too much to wonder "Can it still get any faster?". I'm on 500/500Mbps on a decent spec'd PC. What can we do to make this faster? Multiple threads possibly running in tandem? Ty UPDATE - The initial part was faster, but as soon as it caught up to the new items not imported yet, it was still kind of slow to com
  7. Love Launchbox! Bought it and got lifetime/platinum (whatever) membership to emumovies and what not. That said - I am trying to set it up on a new retro machine I got last night. I am importing JUST the Mame and it's taking almost 8 hours and it's not even half done. This is just ridiculous in 2021 where we have massive amounts of bandwidth. For a paid product this is also unacceptably slow (I'm sad to say). How can the developers improve this (and soon, because I've seen posts about this in other places)? I can't imagine there isn't a way to improve this to under and hour (for just Mame for e
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