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  1. Guys I have recently changed from Retroarch emulating the majority of systems to individual emulators. When I launch Sonic the Hedgehog in Launchbox with Kega as the default emulator. The picture does not fit the screen. How do I fix this?
  2. Ah I see. It was a bezel pack by NYNY77 in the download section. Nice Bezels.
  3. Guys I just downloaded a Bezels set from the Download section. Where do I save these to get them working in launchbox. Thanks all Chris
  4. I am getting the above error in Launchbox. When I right click on the game itself and open the games folder, it opens the correct folder and the ROM is there. Is there a ROM path wrong somewhere and how do I correct it. Thanks all
  5. where did you locate the logos manually peterhau?
  6. Guys I am in the process of setting up BigBox and love it so far. I have got the Unified Theme going and I am currently in the process of download the start-up theme for each system now. QUESTION: Where do you save the console/system themes within launchbox once download from EmuMovies. Thanks Chris
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