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  1. This place was crickets. Ill check other sites for help with problems in the future
  2. Well, if anyone else is having this issue. I fixed mine by running a lesser card, a gtx950. Maybe it is an AMD driver issue. Im assuming it fixed it as its running smoother now in the menu system.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Yes, current driver 20.2.2. Perhaps its an AMD issue
  4. I hope I do not irritate anyone about this topic. I have searched for a couple of days for a solution. I am using a Ryzen 3 2200G and everything works fine, however when I add a video card, Big Box starts to lag and become stuttery and latent when scrolling through systems or choosing a game. Games play fine once selected in either instance. I have tried 3 different videos cards, including a swap to a 2600X CPU . The culprit appears to be when adding the video card instead of using the integrated gpu. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks. Systetm is : Launch Box 10.10 - Ryz
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