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  1. yeah, thx a lot for your help, I actually own 1 hard drive, but it's divided in 2 partitions. Anyway, I think I am going to wait till christmas or new year to have a notebook so I can install windows 7 there and try Launchbox there, in the meantime I would still have Launchbox installed on my pc, and I am sure it's a great program, very sad that it won't work in my pc, thx so much again, until next time.
  2. I am about to give up idk why the hell is not working
  3. nope, I have tried installing it in other folder and still won't open
  4. yeah 9.1 that's the one I tried it
  5. of course, I want it to work and I thank you guys for helping me , I do not own another computer but I will try it on one asap, meanwhile I may tri older versions but I am not sure that will work
  6. Come on guys can you help me solve this or not? I really want to use it
  7. I have tried all of that, and not working, like I said, this is the only program that won't even open on my pc, everything else works fine
  8. I think launchbox neds to be fixed cause it's not working in some pc's
  9. Yup I am not the only one that cannot get it started, it is probably happening to many people, and yes, my english is not perfect as well cause my main language is spanish XD
  10. Thanks for the tip, but I have already tried that, still not working
  11. Are you sure it's my computer? I got an idea I am going to try if this same program works in other computer so I can make sure it's my pc, but I don't even know what the issue could be. I already tried disabling my antivirus and still won't open, it appears in my task manager (using 32MB of memory) but it won't appear as open in my applications, I cannot open it.
  12. Yeah but the fact that it's the only program that is not even opening on my computer makes me think that Launchbox is having some serious issues, my antivirus never had any problem with any program I had, so if it's an issue of my computer I don't know what that could be cause every other program works well on my pc, hyperspin is not even an option for me cause the ammount of hard disk and the tedious config that it requires, so I am running out of options
  13. already tried rebooting my system and reinstalling the program, still won't open, it's not even shown in the task manager
  14. nope, it's not working, I have installed the latest version of directx, and I am pretty sure that has nothing to do with theantivirus, the program is simply not starting
  15. I have a question, can I customize Launchbox with themes and other stuff without having the license for big box?
  16. okay, but I am pretty sure that I have the latest directx installed, and it was curious becasue at the end of the installation (during the directx "updating") it looked like it was frozen and then the installation program was closed without any prompt, that is the curious thing, maybe that's the problem
  17. wow, nobody answered you... this forum looks pretty inactive, hope you get at least a few anwsers soon, the program is not even opening for me
  18. The program is not opening, I tried every version and I downloaded it from the official website, after I double click the shortcut, it looks like loading for a few seconds, and then stops. I found that absurd, because all the promises I see in the videos that this is a good program... and it won't even launch! As always I didn't found anything on google so I was hoping you guys can help me, that's why this forum is for right? I have windows 7 and this is the only program that won't open on my pc. Thanks in advance
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