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  1. i kind of wish i could @everyone right now because i kind of dropped the ball by might not fully reading through everyone's messages and not really continuing my efforts with this. to be honest i just kind of forgot but tonight i will try and take everyone's instructions which make sense to me and without a doubt reply to anybody new who might respond. oh BTW the ps2 games sort of just stopped getting removed however the snes ones still get removed this being without anything being changed except for me downloading 10.1.
  2. im not sure what you mean by this. if you mean importing the games it keeps the metadata for them however on every relaunch i need to re-import them.
  3. i copied the old and put it on a new hard drive sorry for late response
  4. i havent tried importing the ps2 or snes games to launch box folder yett il get back to you when i do
  5. for launchbox i only use my hardrive for all the files in the program. i used to have it on my local drive but after i switched to another drive the issue persisted.
  6. over the course of 6 months i had created over at least 100 videos for my personal launchbox i was honestly really passionate about this thing and i thought it would be a good way for me to look at my entire game collection. sometime before the summer the app had deleted various games from certain collections off the launchbox app. whenever i re added them they would proceed to be deleted. about that time i brought up in troubleshooting and was proceeded to be told that launchbox "NEVER" would do that. when i showed visual proof of the bug. the moderator suggested that the reason why this bug happened was because i had closed launchbox with task manager prior to that was never a issue. Also it turned out the bug happens regardless of any circumstance simply closing the program caused this. however when i reported the bug to Jason the car he told me that it was cause i end tasked even though i explained to him multiple times that while i thought that was the case it turned out to be untrue. Eventually any moderator i talked to simply began to ignore and i kind of gave up on the issue. but you know what im still mad about it because its still not fixed over 4 MONTHS LATER. honestly i just want a mod to help me fix this or better yet since this bug is rare maybe get someone to remote connect to my pc to troubleshoot and if not that CAN I AT LEAST GET A REFUND?
  7. launch box is on my boot drive in the desktop in its own folder. im not running it as admin or changed the program, i haven't even used the program recently to be honest.
  8. i wouldnt have any other program which i wouldnt normally have on none of which ever caused this
  9. i reinstalled launchbox and the issue has persisted deleting the same games over and over it turns out it doesnt even need to be a hard reset for it to delete the games data if i do the control x exit it deletes the files anyways
  10. no i haven't, i dont think i was being rude because he kept trying to convince me in a smug way it was something that i had done when it was clearly the patch that caused it.
  11. so what your telling me is that if i close the program normally then shut off my computer the file should still be there? well i just did that and its not, its likely to do with some screw up with the lastest patch because right after i downloaded the patch this started happening.
  12. its not just task ending, it happens anytime i do a hard reset to launchbox. i just restarted my comptur and that specfic game just got removed. this began to happen when i updated to 9.9
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