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  1. imma keep it real im not even certain this is true but I'm pretty sure if I launch overwatch and I bet any other blizzard game from launch box it will stutter and run terribly
  2. you can download it if you click on the 3 dots also no i cant make the text blue because im not gonna remake the whole logo
  3. im pretty sure its not specific games so yea its probably my startup video
  4. Yes its not all the time, Im pretty sure it happens after Ive been in the application for a bit or after i started up a game and exited it. But when i do il press windows key or alt tab and it will show my task bar below but it if i click on any of my apps it just stays on the screen for big box and wont go to the app im trying to open and i have to double click on big box for it to react again to my input.
  5. im running windows 10 pro and i cant windows key out of it or alt tab it just stays on the application
  6. whenever i try it just stays on big box and its really annoying if i get like a message on discord cause that i have to start the program all over again
  7. how do i get rid of it? its pretty loud and annoying
  8. but if i cant share it with a friend how would i go by sending the licenses to other computers that are my own
  9. would i be allowed to share my license key with someone else basically
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