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  1. launch box is on my boot drive in the desktop in its own folder. im not running it as admin or changed the program, i haven't even used the program recently to be honest.
  2. i wouldnt have any other program which i wouldnt normally have on none of which ever caused this
  3. i reinstalled launchbox and the issue has persisted deleting the same games over and over it turns out it doesnt even need to be a hard reset for it to delete the games data if i do the control x exit it deletes the files anyways
  4. no i haven't, i dont think i was being rude because he kept trying to convince me in a smug way it was something that i had done when it was clearly the patch that caused it.
  5. so what your telling me is that if i close the program normally then shut off my computer the file should still be there? well i just did that and its not, its likely to do with some screw up with the lastest patch because right after i downloaded the patch this started happening.
  6. its not just task ending, it happens anytime i do a hard reset to launchbox. i just restarted my comptur and that specfic game just got removed. this began to happen when i updated to 9.9
  7. i dont know if you got the reply above so il just quote this
  8. wrong footage sorry Desktop_2019_06.22_-_09_49_33_01.mp4
  9. oh sorry i didnt know i made multiple threads, i literally have video proof i just recorded that is the video file attached. i dont have that the view thing on i wouldnt be lying to you. Desktop_2019_06.09_-_16_32_52_01.mp4
  10. well i dont and it definitely is do you want me to get video proof?
  11. i dont know why there were just there and now there not
  12. idk man i just whipped this up honestly man its pretty cool and you should put it in your launchbox Mortal_Kombat_11.mp4
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