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  1. Popal

    Supergrafx ?

    How polite are you not to call me dumb, I appreciate it thanks again !
  2. Popal

    Supergrafx ?

    Oh PC Engine Supergrafx, thanks ! Was I so dumb I didn't look for "PC Engine *" but only "NEC*" or did you create it ?
  3. Popal

    Supergrafx ?

    Where should I import them ? TurboGrafx or Supergrafx ?
  4. Popal

    Supergrafx ?

    Hi I'm trying to import my 5 Supergrafx games with no success. I try importing them to the TurboGrafx platform, create a new Supergrafx platform and put them inside. I couldn't find any tutorial neither. I guess it's a simple problem with a simple solution but can't find it. Thanks for your help, Popal
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