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  1. Anyone aware of how to do that? Move the image folder to another drive?
  2. Thanks to everyone for the responses! I simply went through the import process a second time, but this time selected none on all DB images and none to all emumovie objects and everything shows up now. The games now appear and even include the images. Hopefully this didn’t mess up anything by doing this. Another question, if I wanted to move the images off my SSD (due to how large the folder is) and onto a different drive, how would I do this where launchbox still would show them correctly? Is there a configuration file I need to update to do that?
  3. I installed LaunchBox and then went through the import process with a no intro set for SNES. I selected the option for box art and emumovies and the import process took a couple hours (over 4 gigs of files). I elected to keep the roms in their original location as I didn't want to import or move them to my SSD (where I installed Launchbox). When the process was complete, I could see the images in my Launchbox/Images folder, but Launchbox still shows 'displaying 0 of 0 games' at the main screen. Can someone assist?
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